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  • Hearing the music of Bach and Handel performed with historically informed style and instruments led to an explosion in popularity of their music in recent times. Now, after several generations of performers honing these skills, their same approach is dazzling audiences with music written before 1685—the birth year of both Bach and Handel.This season, Carnegie Hall brings together an impressive assemblage of these artists for Before Bach, a month-long focus on the exciting music of that time. Whether it is the divine purity and amusing bawdiness of Renaissance madrigals or the dramatic urgency of early Baroque opera, the music speaks to modern listeners who love great music and relish the joy of discovery.

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  • 2014–2015 Perspectives
    Joyce DiDonato
    Joyce DiDonato’s Perspectives series presents her impeccable artistry, vibrant personality, and idealism that has made her an audience favorite.
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    Anne-Sophie Mutter
    Anne-Sophie Mutter's commitment to artistic excellence and dedication to the growth of classical music are core themes in her Perspectives series.
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  • 2014–2015 Season Highlights
    Before Bach
    Before Bach brings together pioneers of historically informed performance, a month-long focus on music written before 1685.
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    Meredith Monk
    Meredith Monk is an artistic visionary, celebrating her 50th season of creating and performing work in New York City.
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