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  • Passionate and prolific, David Lang—Carnegie Hall's 2013–2014 Richard and Barbara Debs Composer's Chair—embodies the restless spirit of invention with his creation of new forms that defy categorization. In addition to performances of several of his own works during 2013–2014, Lang has taken the opportunity to look beyond his compositions at a broader musical landscape by curating the collected stories project. This multi-genre series showcases different modes of storytelling in music, from medieval Beowulf to conceptual Cage to world premieres, pulling together disparate threads from past and present and across many traditions to highlight the ways music and narrative work together.

    More information about David Lang's 2013–2014 residency is available here.


  • 2014–2015 Perspectives
    Joyce DiDonato
    Joyce DiDonato’s Perspectives series presents her impeccable artistry, vibrant personality, and idealism that has made her an audience favorite.
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    Anne-Sophie Mutter
    Anne-Sophie Mutter's commitment to artistic excellence and dedication to the growth of classical music are core themes in her Perspectives series.
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