Aim: What are the different ways that we can use our voices?
Summary: Students explore whispering, speaking, singing, and calling voices.
Standards: US 1, 2, 3; NYC 1, 6
Modality: performing, creating
Materials: paper, pencil, picture cards, situation pictures, songs/poems
Time Required: 20 minutes
This activity is part of: Music Educators Toolbox


  1. Lead the class in call and response using and naming each of the four voice qualities: singing, whispering, speaking, and calling. (Example: This is my whispering voice.)
  2. Using the Teacher Worksheets with four pictures that each illustrate a voice quality, point to a picture, and have the class respond accordingly. (Example: Point to a picture of a boy telling a secret, and the class responds “This is my whispering voice!”)
    Download Teacher Worksheet: Singing
  3. Have students identify situations for which each voice is appropriate on the student worksheet Using My Voice.
    Download Student Worksheet: Using My Voice

Go Deeper

  • Arrange a class song or poem using all four voices. Place picture cues at the beginning of each line and sing, speak, whisper, or call accordingly.


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