• You Answered: What Makes Teaching Music Great?

    Music teachers have inspired many of the remarkable artists who've graced Carnegie Hall's stages, and we wanted to know more about them. Last week, we asked music teachers following us on Facebook and Twitter what they love most about what they do.

    Their responses were enthusiastic. Jacob G. said, "Whether in a big or small way, you're making a positive effect on someone's life. Music is a language everybody can relate to." Charles F. described one of his favorite moments in the trajectory of his students' learning: "I absolutely love the look on the students' faces when they are singing and everything comes together (usually at a cadence) and they realize, 'We just made music!'" Samuel N. agreed—he loved the "ah-ha moment in the kids' eyes! Rare but precious!"

    A student flutist works with an educator 

    A student flutist works with an educator.  

    Some educators were pragmatic in their approach. Rebecca G. loves it "when they practice." Getting to that "ah-ha moment" requires practicality. Many teachers discussed the importance of a student's work ethic and inner drive for accomplishment. Danny D. loved seeing the balance students develop between a "life-long love of the arts and a deep-seated passion for excellence."


    I love "seeing my students develop a life-long love of the arts and a deep-seated passion for excellence." —Danny D.


    For teachers dedicated to nurturing student excellence, we're proud to share The Achievement Program, a new partnership between Carnegie Hall and The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, providing a national set of musical standards for people studying music across the US. This rigorous program also offers built-in flexibility, helping independent music teachers do what they do best.

    Rebecca Wilkinson, the Chippewa Valley Music Teachers Association President in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, says The Achievement Program "has probably done more to raise the level of my teaching than any other single factor. I am continually called to find new ways to help my students conquer challenging elements or to prepare them for future concepts."

    Wendy Bachman also enjoys The Achievement Program's "well-rounded" and "natural" approach. "The Program helps students and teachers to set short- and long-term goals, making it easier to plan lessons... The assessment experience gives students an opportunity to build character and discover pride in their achievements."

    Teachers interested in learning more about The Achievement Program can RSVP to a Teacher Information Session in their area. To keep up with the Program, like it on Facebook and follow it on Twitter.

    On Facebook, Katherine R. described what she loves most about music education: "From a parent, it's the effect that music teachers have on our children... Thanks!" We'd like to echo Katherine—thank you, music teachers! It's your work that nurtures the artistic vision of tomorrow.


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