Performance Wednesday, March 18, 2015 | 7:30 PM

Nicholas Phan

Weill Recital Hall
A story of love gained and then lost is told through the beauty of early English song. Songs by Purcell, Dowland, Lanier, Campion, Blow, Morley, and others form a pastiche song cycle that’s rich with poetry and great beauty.

Part of Salon Encores.


  • Nicholas Phan, Tenor
  • Ann-Marie Morgan, Viola da Gamba
  • Michael Leopold, Lute and Theorbo


    MORLEY "A Painted Tale"

    The Tale
    PURCELL "O solitude, my sweetest choice"
  • ANON. "Have you seen but a white lily grow?"
  • PURCELL "I Attempt from Love’s Sickness to Fly" from The Indian Queen
  • BLOW "The Self-Banish'd"
  • BLOW "Fairest work of happy nature"
  • LANIER "Fire, fire"
  • BLOW "O turn not those fine eyes away"
  • PURCELL "Sweeter than Roses" from Pausanias
  • PURCELL "She loves and she confesses too"
  • LANIER "No more shall meads"
  • DOWLAND "My thoughts are winged with hopes"
  • BLOW "Of all the torments"
  • DOWLAND "Can she excuse my wrongs"
  • PURCELL "Not all my torments can your pity move"
  • A. FERRABOSCO "So, so leave off this lamenting kisse"
  • DOWLAND "In darkness let me dwell"
  • DOWLAND "Now, O now, I needs must part"
  • DOWLAND "Come, heavy sleep"
  • LANIER "Stay, silly heart, and do not break"
  • PURCELL "An Evening Hymn"


"The Last Rose of Summer"
Nicholas Phan, Tenor | Myra Huang, Piano
Nicholas Phan

This performance is part of Early Music in Weill Recital Hall.

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