Performance Monday, April 20, 2015 | 7:30 PM


Weill Recital Hall
The 17th century was a golden age of English music for multiple viols as composers wove together intricate strands of melody in compositions both intimate and expressive. The inventive fantasies of Purcell and others, along with stunning "In Nomine" settings—instrumental compositions based on a chant melody—were masterpieces of the genre. Fretwork, “the finest viol consort on the planet” (London Evening Standard), plays this resplendent music.

Part of Salon Encores.


  • Fretwork
    ·· Asako Morikawa, Viol
    ·· Richard Boothby, Viol
    ·· Reiko Ichise, Viol
    ·· Richard Tunnicliffe, Viol


  • TAVERNER In Nomine
  • CORNYSHE "Fa la sol"
  • TYE "Sit Fast"
  • PARSONS In Nomine No. 3
  • A. FERRABOSCO I "A Fancy"
  • BYRD Fantasia in D Minor, No. 1
  • BYRD In Nomine
  • GIBBONS Fantasia No. 8, MB. 14
  • GIBBONS In Nomine No. 1
  • PARSONS "Ut re me fa sol"
  • LOCKE Suite No. 3 in F Major
  • J. JENKINS Fantasy No. 7 in C Minor
  • J. JENKINS Fantasy No. 5 in F Major
  • PURCELL Fantasy No. 7 in C Minor, Z. 738
  • PURCELL Fantasy No. 12 in D Minor, Z. 743
  • PURCELL Fantasy No. 11 in G Major, Z. 742
  • BACH Prelude and Fugue in G Minor from The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book II, BWV 885 (arr. Richard Boothby)


Purcell's Fantasy No. 8 in D Minor
Harmonia Mundi


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Before Bach
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