Performance Saturday, April 25, 2015 | 7:30 PM

I Fagiolini

Insalata I Fagiolini

Weill Recital Hall
With a program title that translates to mean “The Little Beans,” vocal ensemble I Fagiolini presents a meal fit for a king, seasoned with the group’s signature blend of vocal mastery, theatricality, and flawless technique. The program of madrigals, chansons, and ensaladas—songs with mixtures of languages and rhythms, written as entertainments for the Valencian court—had The Guardian raving, “Bean salads rarely come as good as this … For all the humor, the program worked beautifully because of the deadly serious musicianship that is I Fagiolini’s gold standard.”

Part of Salon Encores.


  • I Fagiolini
    Robert Hollingworth, Director


    SENFL "Das Gläut zu Speyer"

    JANEQUIN "Or vien ca, vien, m'amye"
  • SANDRIN "Puisque vivre en servitude"
  • PHINOT "Plorez, mes yeulx"
  • LE JEUNE "Un gentil amoureux"
  • JANEQUIN "Le chant des oiseaux"

  • Tapas y ensalada
    ANON. "Claros y frescos rios"
  • VÁSQUEZ "'Serrana dónde dormistes"
  • FLECHA "Teresica hermana"
  • FLECHA "El fuego"

  • Primo piatto
    LASSUS "S’io esca vivo"
  • RORE "Mia benigna fortuna"
  • STRIGGIO "D’ogni gratia e d’amor"
  • WERT "Ascendente Jesu in naviculam"

  • Sorbet
    CROCE "Il gioco dell'Occa" from Triaca Musicale

    MONTEVERDI "Sfogava con le stelle"
  • MONTEVERDI "Volgea l’anima mia soavemente"
  • MONTEVERDI "Longe da te, cor mio"
  • MONTEVERDI "Anima mia, perdona"


Monteverdi's "Vago augelletto"
I Fagiolini | Robert Hollingworth, Director
Metronome Recordings Ltd

At a Glance

Tonight’s concert is a brief dip into a number of different secular European genres, only some of which are officially “madrigals,” the others being songs (canciones, lieder, chansons), a carnival masque, and a “salad.” But these labels are less telling than the original purpose of such pieces—whether they were for professional performance at court or for some festal occasion, or sold commercially through the new printing presses for private performance by a new generation of amateurs. The first half is a compilation of both, while the second half of the concert (with exceptions of songs by Orlando de Lassus and Cipriano de Rore) fit into the “official performance” category.


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