Performance Friday, May 15, 2015 | 8 PM

Stephanie Blythe
Warren Jones

Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage
Whether it’s Verdi, Wagner, or a cabaret classic, Stephanie Blythe sings “with a degree of ease and theatrical authority that most divas could only envy” (San Francisco Chronicle). Blythe’s remarkable vocal gifts and irresistible stage presence make this lively program of popular songs by Weill, Brel, Coward, and others a not-to-be-missed concert.


  • Stephanie Blythe, Mezzo-Soprano
  • Warren Jones, Piano


  • POULENC Poèmes de Ronsard
    ·· Attributs
    ·· Le tombeau
    ·· Ballet
    ·· Je n'ai plus que les os
    ·· À son page
  • FERRÉ "La vie antérieure"
  • FERRÉ "L'Invitation au voyage"
  • BREL "Les pieds dans le ruisseau"
  • BREL "Ne me quitte pas"
  • BREL "Amsterdam"
  • BRITTEN "Calypso"
  • BRITTEN "Johnny"
  • BRITTEN "Tell Me the Truth About Love"
  • BRITTEN "Funeral Blues"
  • COWARD "Zigeuner" from Bitter-Sweet
  • COWARD "Nina" from Sigh No More
  • COWARD "Mad About the Boy" from Words and Music
  • COWARD "Mrs. Worthington"
  • COWARD "The Party's Over Now" from Words and Music


Irving Berlin's "Always"
Stephanie Blythe, Mezzo-Soprano | Craig Terry, Piano

At a Glance

The middle decades of the 20th century witnessed not only culminations of the mélodie, chanson, cabaret song, and theater song, but  a cross-fertilization that blurred the boundaries of genre, venue, and geography. In this evening's program, Stephanie Blythe and Warren Jones take listeners through a journey from the mélodies of Poulenc and the chansons of Ferré and Brel, to the cabaret songs of Britten and the theatrical songs of Coward.


Stephanie Blythe on the importance of audience reaction.

Stephanie Blythe on the importance of art song.

This performance is part of Great Singers I.