• Count Me In Program Information


    Count Me In Fall 2014

    Primary Goal

    Audition Preparation: To guide interested eighth graders and their support systems of administrators and families toward deeper musical engagement through preparation for auditions at performing arts high schools or other community arts organizations.

    Program Structure

    Count Me In will serve 12–15 eighth grade students in each borough in Fall 2014. These students should be committed to auditioning for performing arts high schools. The program consists of eight 90-minute sessions that take place twice a week after school in October, including

    • individual coaching and mentorship
    • a mock audition (10 minutes per student)
    • a final master class and recital for friends and family

    Count Me In Spring 2015

    Primary Goal

    Choral Singing: To expose middle-school musicians without established choral programs in their schools to authentic and sustained musical experiences.

    Program Structure

    The program consists of up to twelve 90-minute sessions that take place twice a week after school over a period of two months.  These sessions will conclude with a final concert and reception for friends and family.

    Benefits of Count Me In

    Students who complete Count Me In will

    • learn basic choral and sight-singing skills
    • receive professional coaching on the audition process
    • perform for their peers and parents
    • obtain Count Me In certification, which can be listed on high school applications
    • meet some of the top choral conductors from throughout the city

    Partnership Schools will

    • recruit students who are committed to attending all workshops and who have
    • a desire to learn more about singing
    • identify a coordinator at the school to assist with program implementation
    • assist Carnegie Hall in arranging transportation for students
    • provide parental contact information for selected students
    • communicate regularly with Carnegie Hall staff regarding student participation