• Link Up
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Application and Payment   

    How can my school sign up for Link Up? 

    To sign up for Link Up, each teacher can apply online. If your school has multiple participating teachers (those attending the professional development workshops and teaching the program), please have each teacher apply separately online. Only teachers implementing the program directly with students are considered participating teachers, and must apply, attend the required professional development workshops, and attend the concert.

    When is the application due for Link Up?

    The Link Up: The Orchestra Rocks application period opens April 22, 2015! Interested teachers can complete an application by clicking the red “Apply Now” button. Registration closes Friday, September 11, 2015.

    How many teachers can sign up for Link Up via online application?

    Each teacher participating in Link Up should apply individually online. If your school has multiple participating teachers (those attending the professional development workshops and teaching the program), please have each teacher apply separately online. Please call 212-903-9670 with questions.

    Do you have to be a music teacher to implement Link Up?

    No. You are not required to be a music teacher to implement Link Up. However, we recommend that teachers have some basic prior knowledge and/or experience with music. The program includes some skills-based work in reading music, singing, and/or playing the soprano recorder. If you are a general classroom teacher interested in participating in Link Up and you are not sure if the program is the right fit, please call Carnegie Hall at 212-903-9670 to speak with one of our staff members.

    My school signed up for Link Up but another teacher at the school is implementing the curriculum with my students. Do I have to apply and attend Professional Development?

    Only teachers implementing the curriculum directly with students are considered participating teachers, and must apply, attend the required professional development workshops, and attend the concert. Teachers attending the concerts but not implementing the curriculum are considered chaperones. Please call 212-903-9670 with questions.

    Why do I need to select a first and second choice for the concert?

    Each year, we ask teachers to increase their availability by picking both a first and second choice for concerts. Concerts fill up on a first-come, first-served basis and frequently reach capacity before the application period is complete. In the event that we have received your complete application but we are unable to seat your school in your first choice concert date, we will automatically attempt to seat your school for your second choice concert. Please hold both your first and second choice concert dates until you receive confirmation of concert date and time from Carnegie Hall.

    My class size went up or down since I applied. What do I do?

    Please note that after October 2, 2015 the number of students on your application cannot be adjusted, nor can refunds be issued. Contact Carnegie Hall staff at 212-903-9670 or via email at linkup@carnegiehall.org with questions.

    How much does Link Up cost?

    The teacher fee for Link Up is $30 and each student is $6. One chaperone per 10 students is included free of charge.

    What methods of payment are accepted for Link Up?

    Carnegie Hall can accept payment via:

    When is payment due for Link Up?

    Payment via credit card, personal or school check is due by January 16, 2015. For schools paying via purchase order, a copy of your PO must be submitted by January 16, 2015 via fax to 212-903-0758 or via email to linkup@carnegiehall.org.

    Is it possible for my class to see more of Carnegie Hall before or after my Link Up concert?

    Tours are available by reservation if you are interested in seeing more of Carnegie Hall before or after your Link Up concert. Visit the tours page.  

    When will Carnegie Hall confirm my Link Up concert date and time? 

    Carnegie Hall should have confirmed your Link Up concerts by October 2, 2015.  If you have not yet heard from Carnegie Hall regarding your Link Up Concert by that time, please contact Carnegie Hall staff at 212-903-9670.

    Professional Development Workshop

    I participated in Link Up last year. Do I still need to attend a PD? 

    Yes, every participating teacher is required to attend a Link Up professional development workshop in the fall regardless of past participation in the program. Teachers who do not attend the required PD session will forfeit participation in the program.

    What is the new Optional Professional Development Workshop in January?

    This elective professional development workshop will serve as an additional opportunity to explore the Link Up materials, interact with the artists, and share best practices with fellow Link Up teachers. It is not a requirement of the program, but we highly encourage you to attend!

    Where are the Link Up workshops and how do I get there?

    All Link Up professional development workshops take place in the Judith and Burton Resnick Education Wing at Carnegie Hall. The entrance is at 154 West 57th Street (at Seventh Avenue), just east of the main entrance to Carnegie Hall. Directions to Carnegie Hall can be found here.

    Where is parking located near Carnegie Hall?

    There are several parking garages located near Carnegie Hall. The easiest way to find these is to visit Best Parking.


    When will I get my Link Up materials?

    In order to receive Link Up materials, participating teachers must:

    • attend a fall Link Up professional development workshop, and
    • submit a completed Letter of Agreement

    Participating teachers can expect to receive their materials two to three weeks after these requirements are met. Participating teachers, please note that materials will not be sent out until you have completed the required professional development workshop and your completed Letter of Agreement is on file at Carnegie Hall.

    Are there Link Up resources for string teachers?

    Yes. Each of the Link Up repertoire selections includes bowings for teachers to use with string classes.

    Where can I find materials and resources for my classroom?

    All participating teachers are encouraged to browse our Digital Library for additional resources relating to Link Up, and to explore the Music Educators Toolbox for free, open-source resources for music educators and administrators.


    When will I receive my Link Up tickets?

    Your Link Up ticket (one ticket per participating teacher for your confirmed numbers of students and chaperones) will be mailed to you approximately one month before your confirmed concert date.

    How many parents/adults may I bring to the Link Up concerts?

    One chaperone is included for every 10 students. For example, if a teacher enrolls a class of 30 students, he or she will automatically receive 30 student seats, three chaperone seats, and one seat for him/herself, for a total of 34 seats. Please note that parents/adults may not purchase individual tickets themselves.

    May parents purchase tickets to Link Up?

    No, parents may not purchase tickets to Link Up. If parents are interested in attending, they must attend with their child’s class as a chaperone.

    May I take photos and videos at the Link Up concerts?

    No. In accordance with Carnegie Hall’s policies, photography and videography are strictly prohibited.

    What instructions should I give to my bus drivers for the Link Up concert?

    Buses should drop off students on the south side of 57th Street, facing east, in front of the main Carnegie Hall marquee.

    Buses should pick up students on the north side of 57th Street, facing west, following the concert.

    Please note: Buses cannot wait in front of Carnegie Hall during the concert.

    When do the doors open before the Link Up concert? When should I arrive?

    Doors open 30 minutes before each Link Up concert. As these events are general admission (no assigned seats), the earlier you arrive, the closer you will be to the stage. Entry to the hall will not be granted earlier than 30 minutes prior to each performance.

    Artist Information

    Where can I find more information about the Link Up artists?

    Please consult the back of your Teacher Guide or visit the Carnegie Hall Digital Library.


    How can my students perform onstage during the Link Up concert? 

    Carnegie Hall staff selects student musicians who play the soprano recorder, the violin, or sing in a vocal ensemble, to perform on stage during each Link Up concert. Teachers interested in this opportunity should submit an audition video to Carnegie Hall staff no later than Friday, March 18, 2016.

    What do I need to include in my Link Up onstage audition video?

    The Link Up audition video should include students playing or singing all of the Link Up repertoire from the Link Up: The Orchestra Moves guide. Each student included on the audition video should have all of the pieces memorized. In addition to the video, you will be asked to complete an application form with your school name, teacher name, the total number of students in the auditioning group, and the instrument on which they will performing at the concert.

    Where can I find additional information about the Link Up repertoire?

    Please consult the back of your Teacher Guide or visit the Carnegie Hall Digital Library.

    Where can my students eat lunch before or after the Link Up concert?

    If the weather is nice, Central Park is only two blocks away. There is also a public atrium between Sixth and Seventh Avenues with entrances on West 56th and West 57th streets.

    I have suggestions for Carnegie Hall regarding Link Up. How can I share them?

    Please email all suggestions to feedback@carnegiehall.org.

    I’m interested in helping with Carnegie Hall’s ongoing Link Up program assessment project. What should I do?

    Please email Carnegie Hall staff at linkup@carnegiehall.org to find out how you can help.