• Link Up for Partner Orchestras

    Join a growing number of Link Up partner orchestras across the country and around the world and watch as your orchestra's education program grows alongside ours. Partners can utilize any of the program materials—including teacher guides, student materials, concert scripts, and concert visuals—in their own communities free of charge to engage local students and teachers in musical learning and exploration.

    During the 2014-2015 season, the program will be shared with 70 partner orchestras from Alaska to Florida, as well as in Canada, Spain, and Japan.

  • The Details

    Carnegie Hall provides at no cost:

    • • Link Up curriculum guide for each teacher (featuring lessons on singing, playing the soprano recorder or violin, reading and notating music, and composing and improvising music) with accompanying CD and DVD
    • • Link Up workbook for each student
    • • Professional development resources and webinar for lead teachers and orchestra administrators
    • • Orchestral scores and parts for most pieces, concert script, and concert visuals
    • • Access to Carnegie Hall's online resources including additional lessons and classroom resources
    • • Carnegie Hall brand guidelines, fundraising templates, and public relations resources
    • • Ongoing support and consultation regarding professional development for teachers, program implementation, and media/publicity planning

    Your site provides/arranges:

    • • Culminating interactive concert(s) featuring an orchestra, conductor, and participating Link Up students
    • • Recruitment of local teachers and students for participation
    • • Professional development workshop(s) and direct support for participating local teachers
    • • Soprano recorders for all participants, as needed
    • • Program-related needs, both artistic and administrative
    • • Ongoing communication with Carnegie Hall regarding program implementation
  • Link Up Resources
    The Orchestra Rocks
    This curriculum explores rhythm, pulse, and groove. Resources include lesson plans, audio, student workbooks, and basic assessment tools.
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    The Orchestra Sings
    This curriculum explores how composers create great melodies. Resources include lesson plans, audio, student workbooks, and basic assessment tools.
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    The Orchestra Moves
    This curriculum explores how composers create musical movement using motifs and melodic direction. Resources include lesson plans, audio, student workbooks, and basic assessment tools.
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    This curriculum is a general music-literacy resource that introduces students to the orchestra, music notation, and basic recorder skills. Includes audio selections.
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  • Lead funding for Link Up is provided by the Robertson Foundation.

    Major support for Link Up has been provided by the Siegel Family Endowment, with additional funding from The Ambrose Monell Foundation, the Rose M. Badgeley Residuary Charitable Trust, and The Barker Welfare Foundation.

    Link Up in New York City schools is made possible, in part, by an endowment gift from The Irene Diamond Fund.

    The Weill Music Institute's programs are made available to a nationwide audience, in part, by an endowment grant from the Citi Foundation.
  • Partner Orchestras

  • Contact Information

    Phil Bravo 
    Manager of Educational Partnerships