• Learn more about the amazing people and memorable events that have enlivened Carnegie Hall since its opening in 1891.

    Read about the young conductor who convinced one of the world’s richest men to build a music hall in an undeveloped section of upper Manhattan, the performers who brought Carnegie Hall to prominence, and the crisis that helped shape Carnegie Hall into the dynamic non-profit music organization it is today. If you’re a researcher, take a look at the list of materials available in the Carnegie Hall Archives.

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    April 11, 2014
    The Louis Salter Collection
    READ | Carnegie Hall's Rose Museum and Archives Director Gino Francesconi tells the story about finding The Louis Salter Collection—a 54-page autograph book that dates from 1916 to 1937—and its restoration.
    March 20, 2014
    Unexpected Thelonious Monk
    READ | With an exciting tribute performance–The Music of Paul Simon, presented by Michael Dorf–coming up on March 31 in Stern Auditorium, we want to share the story of another remarkable tribute performance; one that was even more exciting than the audience expected. Read the story of a 1974 Thelonious Monk tribute performance that one critic calls "one of the great moments of American music in my lifetime."
    February 7, 2014
    As we approach the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles Carnegie Hall debut, we are enlisting Beatles fans from all over the world to assist Carnegie Hall’s Archives and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum in identifying the mystery lady documenting the legendary performance.

    Read some of the responses we have received from the search so far.
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    Digital Archives Project
    Carnegie Hall’s Archives has embarked upon a multi-year initiative that will preserve and digitize most of the Hall’s historic collections.
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