Carnegie Hall Presents

Off the Beaten Track

Be bold. Take a trip with musicians that are definitely doing things differently on the three concerts in this series. It all starts with Brooklyn Rider, a string quartet with astounding musical range and energy, continues with the Finnish Avanti! Chamber Orchestra, and arrives at a tribute to trailblazing American composers with members of the San Francisco Symphony.
October 31, 2011
Brooklyn Rider
December 1, 2011
Avanti! Chamber Orchestra
March 29, 2012
American Mavericks
with Members of the San Francisco Symphony

Brooklyn Rider

Zankel Hall
Monday, October 31, 2011 | 7:30 PM


Brooklyn Rider
·· Johnny Gandelsman, Violin
·· Colin Jacobsen, Violin
·· Nicholas Cords, Viola
·· Eric Jacobsen, Cello
with Christopher Tignor, Electronics


BROOKLYN RIDER Seven Steps (NY Premiere)
CHRISTOPHER TIGNOR together into this unknowable night
PHILIP GLASS String Quartet No. 3, "Mishima"
ZORN Kol Nidre
BEETHOVEN String Quartet in C-sharp Minor, Op. 131

Start a concert with a piece that Brooklyn Rider wrote as a group, end with Beethoven, and in between hear Philip Glass. It’s this flair for the unexpected and the eclectic that has made this top-notch group one to watch. As indie tastemaker Pitchfork puts it, they are “poised to earn attention on their own terms—regardless of which composers they work with.”


Colin Jacobsen Achille's Heel (Second Bounce)

Brooklyn Rider
In A Circle Records

Avanti! Chamber Orchestra


Zankel Hall
Thursday, December 1, 2011 | 7:30 PM


Avanti! Chamber Orchestra
Hannu Lintu, Conductor
Markus Allan, Vocalist
Tuomas Hiltunen, Host


KULLERVO LINNA "Iltarusko" (arr. Niemi)
TOIVO KÄRKI "On elon retki näin" (arr. Laine and Niemi)
TOIVO KÄRKI "Liljankukka"(arr. Niemi)
JANI UHLENIUS "Pilvet karkaa- niin minäkin" (arr. Niemi)
PENTTI VIHERLUOTO "Punaiset lehdet" (arr. Niemi)
UNTO MONONEN "Satumaa" (arr. Niemi)
OSKAR MERIKANTO Kesäillan valssi
TAISTO WESSLIN "Tangon Kotimaa" (arr. Laine and Niemi)
RAMON ARCADO "Rio de la Plata" (arr. Igoni)
VEIKKO JUNTUNEN "Valkoiset linnut" (arr. Laine and Niemi)
ARVO KOSKIMAA "Syyspihlajan alla" (arr. Niemi)
KAJ CHYDENIUS "Viimeisestä illasta" (arr. Lintinen)
Dating back to the 1920s, tango has been hugely popular in Finland—not simply as a quirky cultural import, but as a style that songwriters have embraced and made their own. Themes of lost love and nostalgia pervade Finnish tango, and the Avanti! Chamber Orchestra brings some of the most famous examples from their native land to Carnegie Hall.


Kaija Saariaho Miranda's Lament ("From the Grammar of Dreams")

Anu Komsi, Soprano

American Mavericks
with Members of the San Francisco Symphony

Zankel Hall
Thursday, March 29, 2012 | 8:30 PM


Michael Tilson Thomas, Conductor and Host
Donato Cabrera, Conductor
Kiera Duffy, Soprano
Paul Jacobs, Organ
Mason Bates, Electronica
Dean Drummond and Stefani Starin, Directors
Young People's Chorus of New York City
Francisco J. Núñez, Artistic Director
Members of the San Francisco Symphony


PARTCH Daphne of the Dunes
MASON BATES Mass Transmission (NY Premiere)
HARRISON Concerto for Organ with Percussion Orchestra
Music by two West Coast composers with a penchant for melding seemingly disparate sounds frames this American Mavericks event, starting with a piece for electronica and chorus by Oakland-based Mason Bates. Organist Paul Jacobs joins an unorthodox ensemble that includes plumbers’ pipes and oxygen-tank bells in Lou Harrison’s Concerto for Organ with Percussion Orchestra.


David Del Tredici Syzygy

ASKO Ensemble; Oliver Knussen, Conductor; Jan Harshagen, French Horn; Peppie Wiersma, Tubular Bells; Wim Vos, Tubular Bells; Lucy Shelton, Soprano  
Deutsche Grammophon
American Mavericks
As Artistic Director of "American Mavericks," Michael Tilson Thomas offers a thrilling chance to experience the music of Charles Ives, Carl Ruggles, John Cage, John Adams, and other maverick composers in a series of concerts in March 2012, celebrating what he calls the "iconoclasts, moldbreakers, voyagers, pioneers of the American sound."