Carnegie Hall Presents

Great Singers III: Evenings of Song

Get to know the talents of these rising vocal stars in the intimate setting of Weill Recital Hall. This revelatory series includes winners of the prestigious Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions and the Beverly Sills Award—events in the lives of singers that solidify their place as the opera stars of tomorrow. Join us for Salon Encores following the recital with drinks and conversation.

Series Events

Friday, October 26, 2012 | 7:30 PM
Marlis Petersen
Jendrik Springer
Goethe and The Eternal-Feminine
Weill Recital Hall


  • Marlis Petersen, Soprano
    New York Recital Debut
  • Jendrik Springer, Piano


  • SCHUBERT "Was bedeutet die Bewegung?"
  • MENDELSSOHN "Die Liebende schreibt"
  • FANNY MENDELSSOHN "Ach, um deine feuchten Schwingen"
  • WAGNER "Gretchen am Spinnrade"
  • BEETHOVEN "Wonne der Wehmut"
  • SOMMER "Ach neige, du Schmerzenreiche"
  • MEDTNER "Vor Gericht"
  • SOMMER "Wandrers Nachtlied II"
  • EISLER "Goethe-Fragment"
  • BRUCH "Morgenlied"
  • KRENEK "Monolog der Stella"
  • DIEPENBROCK "Kennst du das Land"
  • TCHAIKOVSKY "None but the Lonely Heart"
  • WOLF "Singet nicht in Trauertönen"
  • WOLF "Heiss mich nicht reden"
  • SCHUMANN "So lasst mich scheinen"
  • BRAUNFELS "Die Trommel gerühret"
  • LISZT "Freudvoll und leidvoll"
  • MEDTNER "Wandrers Nachtlied II"
  • REUTTER "Es ist gut"
  • MANFRED TROJAHN "Bewundert viel und viel gescholten"
  • BRAUNFELS "Rastlose Liebe"

  • Encore:
  • LISZT "Wandrers Nachtlied"
Liszt's "Freudvoll und leidvoll"
Marlis Petersen, Soprano | Jendrik Springer, Piano
Friday, February 8, 2013 | 7:30 PM
Susanna Phillips
Myra Huang
Weill Recital Hall


  • Susanna Phillips, Soprano
  • Myra Huang, Piano


  • SCHUBERT Ellens Gesang I (“Raste Krieger”), D. 837
  • SCHUBERT Ellens Gesang II (“Jäger, ruhe von der Jagd”), D. 838
  • SCHUBERT Ellens Gesang III ("Ave Maria"), D. 839
  • CHAUSSON "Le colibri," Op. 2, No. 7
  • CHAUSSON "Les papillons," Op. 2, No. 3
  • CHAUSSON "Oraison," Op. 24, No. 5
  • CHAUSSON "Le temps des lilas" from Poème de l' amour et de la mer, Op. 19
  • BERG Seven Early Songs
    ·· "Nacht"
    ·· "Schilflied"
    ·· "Die Nachtigall"
    ·· "Traumgekrönt"
    ·· "Im Zimmer"
    ·· "Liebesode"
    ·· "Sommertage"
  • MESSIAEN Poèmes pour Mi, Book II
    ·· "L’épouse"
    ·· "Ta voix"
    ·· "Les deux guerriers"
    ·· "Le collier"
    ·· "Prière exaucée"
  • GRANADOS "El majo discreto"
  • GRANADOS "El mirar de la maja"
  • GRANADOS "Elegia eterna"
  • GRANADOS "Gracia mía"
  • GORDON MYERS GORDON MYERS Selections from Do You Sing, Mr. Twain?
    ·· On Congress
    ·· On Taking the Opportunity of Righting a Long Postponed Social Call
    ·· On Truth
    ·· On Wagner
    ·· Any Resolutions for the Coming Year?
    ·· On Human Nature
    ·· On Chastity
    ·· On Rules of Writing

  • Encore:
  • DEROSE "Deep Purple"
 Messiaen's Poemes Pour Mi, "L'Epouse"
Susanna Phillips, Soprano | Myra Huang, Piano
Bridge Records
Friday, March 8, 2013 | 7:30 PM
Alek Shrader
Keun-A Lee
Weill Recital Hall


  • Alek Shrader, Tenor
  • Keun-A Lee, Piano


  • ROSSINI "La danza"
  • BELLINI "La Ricordanza" from Composizioni da Camera
  • MERCADANTE "La serenata del marinaro"
  • FAURÉ "Lydia," Op. 4, No. 2
  • FAURÉ "Après un rêve," Op. 7, No. 1
  • FAURÉ "Spleen," Op. 51, No. 3
  • R. STRAUSS Vier Lieder, Op. 27
  • TURINA Poema en forma de canciones, Op. 19
  • SOLER "Oh ciel! Che duro passo... Seguir degg'io chi fugge" from Una cosa rara
  • IAIN BELL The Undying Splendour (World Premiere)
  • THOMSON "Was this fair face the cause?"
  • THOMSON "Love song"
  • THOMSON "English usage"
  • NEVIN "Buona notte"
  • NEVIN "'Twas April"
  • NEVIN "Stars of the summer night"
  • NEVIN Nocturne for Voice and Piano

  • Encore:
  • FOSTER "If You've Only Got a Moustache"
Friday, April 5, 2013 | 7:30 PM
Paul Appleby
Natalia Katyukova
Weill Recital Hall


  • Paul Appleby, Tenor
  • Natalia Katyukova, Piano


  • SCHUBERT "Im Frühling," D. 882
  • SCHUBERT "Des Fischers Liebesglück," D. 933
  • SCHUBERT "Sehnsucht," D. 879
  • SCHUBERT "Die Taubenpost," D. 965a
  • BRIDGE "Go not, happy day"
  • BRIDGE "Golden Hair"
  • BRIDGE "When you are old"
  • BRIDGE "Love went a-Riding"
  • TCHAIKOVSKY "Don Juan's Serenade"
  • TCHAIKOVSKY "Amid the din of the ball," Op. 38, No. 3
  • TCHAIKOVSKY "Does the day reign?," Op. 47, No. 6
  • FAURÉ La Bonne chanson, Op. 61
  • GINASTERA "Canción al árbol del olvido" from Dos canciones, Op. 3
  • LÓPEZ BUCHARDO "Canción de ausencia"
  • GINASTERA "Canción del beso robado"

  • Encores:
  • BOWLES "April Food Baby"
  • BOWLES "Baby, Baby"

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