Carnegie Hall Presents

Voices from Brazil

The vast panorama of Brazilian music is on display with this series, curated by the iconic Gilberto Gil: contemporary and traditional music from Northeastern Brazil, the latest in Brazilian popular music, and a double-bill of folk-pop fusion and retro-chic samba. All of it is part of Carnegie Hall’s festival, Voices from Latin America.

Series Events

Thursday, November 29, 2012 | 8:30 PM
Carlos Malta and Pife Muderno
Nicolas Krassik and Cordestinos with Friends
Music from Northeastern Brazil
Zankel Hall


  • Pife Muderno
    ·· Carlos Malta, Pifes, Flutes, Soprano Saxophone, and Musical Direction
    ·· Andrea Ernest Dias, Pifes and Flutes
    ·· Marcos Suzano, Pandeiro
    ·· Bernardo Aguiar, Pandeiro
    ·· Durval Pereira, Zabumba and Pandeiro
    ·· Oscar Bolão, Cymbals, Triangle, and Pandeiro
  • Nicolas Krassik and Cordestinos
    ·· Nicolas Krassik, Violin and Rabeca
    ·· Marcos Moletta, Rabeca
    ·· Guto Wirtti, Electric Bass
    ·· Chris Mourão, Percussion
    ·· Carlos César, Percussion
  • with Special Guest Gilberto Gil
Carlos Malta, Flute | Pife Muderno, Percussion
Wednesday, December 5, 2012 | 8:30 PM
Arnaldo Antunes
Orquestra Imperial
Zankel Hall


  • Arnaldo Antunes
  • Orquestra Imperial
Supermercado Do Amor

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