• South Africa is a dizzying patchwork of cultures and languages with 11 official tongues, including isiZulu, isiXhosa, Sesotho, Afrikaans, and English. From this diversity emerges a dynamic and impassioned cultural life like none other on earth. Carnegie Hall salutes this vibrant nation with a festival called UBUNTU: Music and Arts of South Africa. Roughly translating to mean "I am because you are," ubuntu is a philosophy from Southern Africa that emphasizes the importance of community, influencing recent moves of reconciliation and inclusion in South Africa that were fostered by the late Nelson Mandela. Dedicated to Mandela’s legacy, Carnegie Hall's UBUNTU festival celebrates the many threads that make up South Africa’s vibrant musical culture. The festival also extends throughout New York City with events at leading cultural institutions, crossing arts disciplines to include music, film, art exhibitions, and more.

    • Browse the events at Carnegie Hall and over 15 other venues around the city that make up UBUNTU: Music and Arts of South Africa.
    • The festival extends citywide through events at prestigious partner organizations, with events that include music, architecture, film, and art.
    • Explore the diversity of South Africa's musical culture through video interviews with festival artists.
    • Explore South Africa through blog posts, interviews, and more on our blog.
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