• Music Educators Toolbox

  • The Music Educators Toolbox is a collection of free, open-source learning resources and assessment tools created for classroom use by music teachers and Carnegie Hall teaching artists. Developed after an in-depth, five-year partnership between Carnegie Hall's Weill Music Institute and PS/MS 161 in upper Manhattan, the resources are designed to be adaptable for use in a variety of music classroom settings. The Toolbox currently features grade-specific music education resources addressing fundamentals of Rhythm, Meter, Form and Design, Expressive Qualities, Pitch, and Performing

  • The Music Educators Toolbox was developed in partnership with PS/MS 161 in upper Manhattan. Major funding in support of this partnership was provided by The Irene Diamond Fund. Additional support was provided by the Lanie & Ethel Foundation.

  •  MET Landing Page 02 The Toolbox contains:

    • Activity Pages
      Short sample lesson plans and activities with links to related formative and summative assessments. Activity pages include downloadable teacher and student worksheets as well as corresponding audio clips.
    • Formative Assessments
      A series of assessments and rubrics designed to further the progress and development of students through reflection and revision.
    • Summative Assessments
      Culminating tasks intended to evaluate student progress at the conclusion of a unit of study. The assessments may also be used in conjunction with other lessons on the same topic.
    • Video Exemplars
      Footage of teachers and teaching artists implementing the activities and assessments in the classroom, as led by Carnegie Hall teaching artists and classroom music teachers.
    • Related Links
      Grade-appropriate, conceptually related additional resources and curricula found in the Carnegie Hall Digital Library.
  • An ongoing project, the Music Educators Toolbox will continue to expand in the following content areas: resources for grades 6–12, resources for ensemble directors, and resources for administrators.