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Virtual Services Guidelines

Individuals providing services for Carnegie Hall, including artists, teaching artists, faculty members, service providers, and others (“Service Providers”) may be asked to conduct contracted services (“Services”) using video or audio conferencing services and digital classroom management tools, including but not limited to Zoom or Google Classroom (“Virtual Platform”). This policy applies to Services conducted using a Virtual Platform.

Use of a Virtual Platform

Service Provider may only use a Virtual Platform that has been designated by Carnegie Hall for the Services. Service Provider agrees to comply with all terms of use for the Virtual Platform. Service Provider must follow procedures for use of the Virtual Platform as instructed by Carnegie Hall and adhere to best practices for using the Virtual Platform.


All Services provided using a Virtual Platform must be provided through a Carnegie Hall–administered account. Service Provider must maintain the security and secrecy of the username and password for each Carnegie Hall–administered account which Service Provider has received permission to use (“Credentials”). Service Provider agrees to use a reasonable degree of care to maintain the confidentiality of the Credentials. At no point may the Service Provider share the Credentials. Service Provider may not use the Credentials to host any session with one or more participants outside of the authorized sessions that are part of the approved Carnegie Hall Services. Service Provider is prohibited from meeting with program participants outside of the Services using a personal account.

Privacy and Security

Service Provider is prohibited from recording the Services on the Virtual Platform without prior written permission from Carnegie Hall. This prohibition includes video, audio, or other recording, still or digital photography, or any other recording or reproduction mechanism, including but not limited to any recording mechanism within the Virtual Platform. Service Provider may not allow any unaffiliated or unauthorized participants (including Service Provider’s spouse, partner, children, or roommates) to participate in the Services or be present during the Services unless otherwise directed by Carnegie Hall. Such unauthorized individuals should not be audible or visible within the Virtual Platform.


Service Provider must provide all Services in a professional setting with an appropriate background. For example, Service Provider may not have suggestive images or photographs in the background and should be seated in an appropriate location. Service Provider should dress professionally, as if they were providing the Services in a live classroom or meeting setting.

Hacking and Disruptive Activity

If Services become interrupted by an unauthorized participant (e.g., a hacker), Service Provider should immediately end the session on the Virtual Platform and promptly report the incident to Carnegie Hall. If other problematic activity occurs, including but not limited to a participant’s unauthorized recording of a session or inappropriate or disruptive behavior, Service Provider should follow approved procedures for addressing such actions and should promptly notify Carnegie Hall of the incident.

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