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Administrative Staff

Executive Office

Clive Gillinson, Executive and Artistic Director
Catherine Schaefer, Executive Assistant


Richard Malenka, Chief Administrative Officer
Susanna Prough, Director, Capital Projects

Building Operations

Eduardo Perez, Director, Engineering
Anthony J. Strano, Director, Security
William O'Flaherty, Manager, Security

Building Services

Amanda Callister, Director, Building Services
Wesner Bazin, Associate, Office Services
Juan Juarez, Coordinator, Office Services
Julie Rhodes, Associate, Building Services 

Event Services

Sarah Zeltzer, Director

Tamara Schuler, Manager

Human Resources

Nia Monroe, Chief Human Resources, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer
Allison Meistrell, Assistant Director
Denise Maison, Manager, HRIS & Benefits Administrator
Jamianne Devlin, Coordinator

Artistic Planning and Operations

Anna Weber, General Manager
Emily E. Robinson, Associate

Artistic Planning

Abhijit Sengupta, Director, Artistic Planning
Liz Mahler, Artistic Administrator
Adriaan Fuchs, Director, Festivals and Special Projects
Victoria Frommer, Manager, Artistic Programs

Artistic Projects

Nolan Robertson, Director
Patrick Sharpe, Associate Director
Wendy Magro, Manager

Program Administration

Alicia JonesDirector, Program Administration
Margaux Greenhouse, Associate Manager, Program Administration

Ensemble Connect: A Program of Carnegie Hall, The Juilliard School, and the Weill Music Institute

Amy Rhodes, Director
Deanna Kennett, Assistant Director


Elaine Georges, Director
Denise Alfarone, Assistant Director
David Suss, Assistant Manager

Hall Operations

Joseph Schmaderer, Director of Operations
Jill Marshall, Hall Manager
Peter Huitzacua, Senior Manager, Accessibility & Operations
Frank Cardillo, Front of House Manager
Thomas Rogers, Associate Hall Manager
Tabitha GlistaPerformance Manager
Carolyn Sauer, Performance Manager
Grace Benigni, Performance Manager
Amihan de Leon, Administrative Coordinator
Nicole Kakantoussis, Coordinator, Operations
Morgan Yachinich, Assistant, House Manager's Office
Joseph C. Reid, Head Usher


Rachel S. Davis, Director
Chad ZodrowProduction Manager
Joshua Shain, Production Manager

Gina Thompson, Production Manager

Noriko Okabe, Manager, Recording Studio


Resnick Education Wing Operations

Jenny Weber, Director, Education Wing Operations
Katherine Yip, Associate, Education Wing Operations
Kathleen Barnes, Coordinator, Education Wing Operations

Stage Crew, Concert Halls

Ken Beltrone, Carpenter
Philip Alfieri, Electrician

Tim Donovan, Electrician
Kenneth Clark, Properties
Dennis O'Connell, Properties

Stage Crew, Resnick Education Wing

Wayne LopesStagehand
Gary PetersonStagehand


Susan J. Brady, Chief Development Officer 

Development Services

Kristen Henry, Director, Development Systems & Administration
Christopher Stuart, Associate Director
Cory Snoddy, Senior Associate
Louis Apollon, Coordinator

Institutional Giving

Major Gifts
Corporate Relations and Sponsorships

Dori Fisher, Director
Jeremy Leung, Associate Director
Leila Ghaznavi, Manager
Anna James, Coordinator

Foundation Relations

Callie Herzog, Director 
Emily Hollingworth, Manager
Jonathan Cher, Coordinator

Government Relations

David Freudenthal, Director
Brandi Mathis, Associate Director
Shannon Rockett, Manager
Lauren VandenHouten, Associate

Individual Giving

Patron Program

Don Spalding, Director, Patron Program and Membership
Anna Dugan,  Manager
Caitlin Mason, Associate


Victoria Dinu, Manager


Kevin Groob, Director
Karen Chia, Manager
Gabriella Napoli, Associate

Campaigns and Special Projects

Carl K. Steffes, Director
Jonathan Aisenberg, Associate

Special Events

Ginger Vallen, Director
William Reid, Associate Director
Hilary Kromnick DeFeo,  Senior Manager
Dana Reilly, Associate
Emily Latshaw, Coordinator

Digital Media

Christopher Amos, Chief Digital Officer
Matthew Williams, Director, Educational Media & Technology
Ross Marshall, Production Manager, Educational Media & Technology
Carolina Mendez SampayoSenior Producer, Digital Media

Alex Guns, Producer, Digital Media
Kevin Chan, Senior Associate, Product Management, Educational Media & Technology
Sissi He, Project Management AssociateDigital Media
Terrell Travis, CoordinatorEducational Media & Technology
Cassandra Ball, Associate, Digital Media


Mary Benjamin, Chief Financial Officer
Pratima Singh, Controller

Daniel Gross, Assistant Controller
Aris Siliverdis, Assistant Director, Financial Reporting
Maria Loor, Payroll Manager
Matthew Eng, Society Accountant
Tom Huynh, Senior Accountant
Pamela Harris, Analyst, Hall Operations
Alvina Yeung, Associate, Finance

Information Technology Group

Aaron Levine, Chief Information Officer
Maria Luo, Administrative Coordinator

Web Development and Information Systems

Kristin Bufano, Director, Systems and Web Development
Denise Brooks, Director, Data and Information Systems
Julie Schwartz, Senior Project Manager

Information Systems

Afshin Mahabadi, Director, Information Systems
Ruslan Nikandrov, Manager, Business Applications
Lisa Rudnitsky, Application Support Specialist 

Web Development

Michael Peppler, Associate Director, Web Development
Jordan Carroll, Web Developer

Technology Services

Yancy Sabenicio, Director
Rachel Ballou, Manager
Tak Lai, Network Architecture Manager
Nick Calamuso, Senior Technical Analyst
Jean Neves, Support Engineer


Vera Zlatarski, General Counsel


Sara Villagio, Chief Marketing Officer
Jacob Subotnick, Assistant Director, Retail
Amanda Zook, Marketing Associate
Michelle Stewart, Marketing Associate

Publishing and Creative Services

Kathleen Schiaparelli, Director
Alex Ammar, Editorial Director
J. Adams Holman, Assistant Managing Editor
Eric Lubarsky, Senior Editor
Laura Keller, Senior Editor
Katie Johnson, Senior Editor
Bernard Hallstein, Design Director
Cherry Liu, Assistant Art Director
Raphael Davison, Assistant Art Director
Hiromi Park, Senior Digital Designer
Ephrat Seidenberg, Graphic Designer
Nina Cayaban, Graphic Designer
Andy Mazo, Production Director
Lai Fun Tsui, Senior Production Manager
Benjamin Mickelson, Copywriter

Marketing and Visitor Services

Jennifer Hempel, Director, Marketing
Alison Saltz, Associate Director, Volunteers & Visitor Services
Karen Meberg, Assistant Director, Marketing

Amy Daly-Fisher, Associate


Digital Content & Engagement

Laurel Sheridan, Director
Sam Reising, Associate Director, Digital Products
Noelle Ike, Manager, Social Media & Content Strategy
Alyssa Kayser-Hirsh, Coordinator, Social Media
Tyler Kuehn, Associate, Web Content
Kaylee Wise, Manager, Email Marketing & Strategy
Jordan Boucicaut, Coordinator, Email
Christa Avampato, Digital Product Manager

Amanda Connors, Email Assistant

Ticketing Services

Timmy Wasley, Director
Ed Denning, Treasurer
Joseph Coster, Assistant Treasurer

Joseph Lozito, Assistant Treasurer
Valeri Olson, Manager, Subscriptions
Terri L. Brown, Sr. Manager, Ticketing Services
Rayna Bourke, Sr. Manager, Group Sales & Tourism
Matthew Scarella, Patron Desk Manager

Gazi Ahamed, Associate, Ticketing Services
Dennette Dyton, Subscription Representative
Tamara Reddick, Subscription Representative
Sebastian Armoza, Senior Manager, CarnegieCharge & Customer Service
Regina CherezovaSenior Associate Manager, CarnegieCharge
Jarrett Grempel,  Associate Manager, CarnegieCharge
Michael Kumor, Box Office Representative
Beth Nerich, Box Office Representative
Matthew Poulos, Box Office Representative
Joseph Wittleder, Box Office Representative
Joseph Smith, Box Office Representative
Kavita Mahabir, CarnegieCharge Representative
Antoinette Rogers, CarnegieCharge Representative
Ramiro Villarreal, CarnegieCharge Representative
Yu-Lin LiuCarnegieCharge Representative

Zachary Couch, CarnegieCharge Representative

John Sheehy, CarnegieCharge Representative
Sabrina Amhama, CarnegieCharge Representative
Hanan Rahman, CarnegieCharge Representative
Rosamund Dyer, CarnegieCharge Representative

Public Relations

Synneve Carlino, Chief Communications Officer
Samantha Nemeth, Assistant Director
Corinne Zadik, Assistant Director
Mari Beth Bittan, Associate Director
Megan Boyle, Manager
Emily R. Walsh, Coordinator
Heather Pulkowski, Public Relations Assistant

Rose Museum and Archives

Kathleen Sabogal, Director, Rose Museum & Archives
Robert Hudson, Manager, Archives
Kathryn Gronsbell, Digital Collections Manager
Jennifer Grunenberg, Digital Collections Asset Cataloger

Weill Music Institute

Sarah Johnson, Chief Education Officer & Director, Weill Music Institute
Samuel Livingston, Director of Operations

Education Operations

Aaron Siegel, Director, Special Projects
Anna Holt, Assistant Director, Education Production
Matthew Nidek, Assistant Director, Education Administration
Carrie-Dubois Shaw, Associate Manager, Education Administration
Lara Atry, Coordinator, Education Production
Sean Kenny, Coordinator

Learning and Engagement Programs

Joanna Massey, Director
Karen Cueva, Assistant Director
Amy Mereson, Assistant Director
Gina Izzo, Manager
Stephanie LoTempio, Manager
Angelica Tran, Manager
Emma Ike, Associate
Maggie Snyder, Associate
Drake Driscoll, Coordinator

Early Childhood Programs

Tiffany Ortiz, Director, Early Childhood Programs
Asata N'gonzi, Manager, Early Childhood Programs
Alexandra Carella, Coordinator, Early Childhood Programs

Social Impact Programs

Ayanna Cole, Director, Social Impact Programs
Caitlin Arias, Manager, Social Impact Programs
LeBrandon Smith, Manager, Social Impact Programs
Miguel De Los Santos, Associate, Social Impact Programs
Isaias Umali, Associate, Musical Connections

Artist Training Programs

Douglas BeckDirector
Siobhan Falanga, Associate
Alexa Dumont, Associate
Cheyenne King-Bails, Coordinator

Richard and Barbara Debs Creative Chair

Claire Chase      Learn more

Administrative Offices

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