Now complemented by a new, state of the art physical plant, Jacobi Medical Center and its legacy of superior specialty care plays a vital role in the provision of health services in New York City. Treating more than 113,000 patients each year, its Level 1 Trauma Emergency Department and specialized Pediatric Level 1 Trauma Emergency Department are among the busiest in the city. Jacobi provides the tri-state area’s only Snakebite Treatment Center, supported by its own FAA-approved helipad for emergencies needing air transport directly to campus. The Burn Unit is one of just three in New York City, and the eight-patient walk-in Hyperbaric Chamber is unique in its size, and allows patients to be accompanied by clinicians during treatment. Jacobi’s Neonatal ICU is a NYS-designated Regional Perinatal Center, one of just 17 state-wide. Jacobi is also a NYS Designated Center for stroke treatment and recovery, a nationally-accredited Breast Surgery Center, and a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence. As a key participant in regional emergency response, Jacobi is the lead agency of the Bronx Emergency Preparedness Coalition, a powerful consortium of providers and first responders created in the aftermath of 9/11. Jacobi is located in the South Bronx.

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