The New York City Department of Correction, the second-largest jail system in the United States, is like a small city within New York City in size, scale, and daily operations. The average inmate population in all facilities is about 12,700 greater than the prison population of many state correctional systems. About 10,000 inmates are incarcerated on Rikers Island. Among the Rikers Island facilities are a jail for sentenced males, another for sentenced and detained females, and a detention center for adolescent males, ages 16–18. The seven other jails on the Island house adult male detainees. Other features on the island include a bakery, central laundry, transportation division, K-9 unit, and a power plant. The Department also operates four borough facilities, 16 court detention facilities and two hospital prison wards at city hospitals. The borough jails in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx have a combined capacity of approximately 3,000 prisoners. On a typical weekday, the Department logs more than 3,000 miles transporting approximately 12 percent of the population to and from courts in the five boroughs and medical and other correctional systems throughout the region.

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