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TAKEMITSU at Film Forum: 'Kwaidan'

"Four supernatural tales, each one creepier than the last" is how Time Out New York describes Kwaidan, the third in our series, in partnership with Film Forum, that focuses on the film music of Tōru Takemitu.

Film: Kwaidan
Director: Masaki Kobayashi
Year: 1964

Kwaidan trailer
Courtesy Toho Co., Ltd.

Rentaro Mikuni finds a skeleton at the feast when he adds a second wife; woodcutter Tatsuya Nakadai meets a strange woman in the snow; a blind biwa player gives a command performance for a spirit; an apparition appears in a cup of tea—four ghost stories by expat Lafcadio Hearn. Kobayashi's first color film, with eerie [Takemitsu] score.

"I wanted to create an atmosphere of terror."—Tōru Takemitsu

"A work of pure stylization, in this stunning film each episode is very creepy but also bewitching and hypnotic: Every shot, every frame, is painstakingly composed (in 'Scope), an adventure in depth, color and texture. And the sound is just as richly textured."—Martin Scorcese

—Courtesy of Film Forum

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