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The Indigo Girls Reflect: Amy Ray

The Indigo Girls recently brought the legendary folk-rock show they've been honing since the mid-1980s to Zankel Hall. In guest blog posts, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers share their thoughts on making their Carnegie Hall debut.


Rolled out of my bunk on the bus to emerge into the morning hubbub of NYC. Pretty glorious actually. I went into Zankel Hall, which is very impressively housed inside the Carnegie Hall building. I had a very roomy and clean dressing room, complete with a hot shower. I took all my stuff inside for the day—computer, electric and acoustic guitars, practice amp, suitcase. Took a shower, did a little morning work, and then I hit the D train to head downtown for a lunch with friends. After birthday shopping for Mom and Dad, I went back to the venue. Sound check was delayed, so I practiced and wrote for a while.

The theater is a totally intimate space, not a bad seat in the house. It sounds gorgeous and it was truly a treat to play there. The audience was fabulous as usual. NYC has always felt like a hometown crowd for us. They are the best—singing along, listening, and engaged. Zankel provided us with the most beautiful grand piano we have ever had on a stage, and Julie Wolf played it in a soulful and dynamic way. We love having an acoustic piano because it gives new life to such songs as "Deconstruction of Love" and "Fugitive." The theater was a great space for ballads as well as rockers! We appreciate WFUV putting us on the lineup of this special Zankel Hall series. I hope we get to play here again!

—Amy Ray

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