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TAKEMITSU at Film Forum: 'Face of Another'

Tōru Takemitsu won the award for Best Film Score at the 1967 Mainichi Film Concours for his work on Hiroshi Teshigahara's Face of Another, today's instalment in our series in partnership with Film Forum presenting trailers and explanatory notes for six Takemitsu-scored films.

Film: Face of Another
Director: Hiroshi Teshigahara
Year: 1966

Face of Another trailer
Courtesy Toho Co., Ltd.

Disfigured in an industrial fire, businessman Tatsuya Nakadai gets fitted for a lifelike mask. The only problem is, wife Machiko Kyo (Rashomon) falls for the handsome stranger. An elegantly spooky, erotic, and enigmatic examination of identity, based on the Kobo Abe novel.

"Takemitsu's incisive electronic music accords well with the icy visuals (the light in many shots is captured through glass or refracted in mirrors and cold reflective surfaces) of Teshigahara's aesthetic scheme for this film about lost or artificial identity."—Peter Grilli

"Takemitsu composed abstract sounds and Weill-like tunes."—Donald Richie

—Courtesy of Film Forum

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