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Live Web Chat with Composer Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR)

On May 10, the Albany Symphony, conducted by David Alan Miller, performs nine New York premieres during Spirituals Re-Imagined, its Spring for Music concert program. Haitian-American composer Daniel Bernard Roumain's (DBR) unique take on "Harvest" is one of the works being premiered that night.

At 12 PM on May 2, in the third of a series of live web chats, the composer hosts a discussion on the viability of the traditional symphonic structure. DBR shares his unique perspective, asking the following: "Are music halls, concert dress, conventional instrument choices, and other orthodox customs strangling the composer's imagination? Are we limiting the potential for a truly relevant, uncompromising, and exciting orchestral experience? Is there a way to work within the tradition and move it forward, or should we burn it all down and start over?"

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May 6 Spring for Music: Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
May 7 Spring for Music: Toledo Symphony
May 10 Spring for Music: Albany Symphony
May 11 Spring for Music: Dallas Symphony Orchestra
May 12 Spring for Music: Oregon Symphony Orchestra
May 13 Spring for Music: The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
May 14 Spring for Music: Orchestre symphonique de Montréal 

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