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Live from Carnegie Hall: Ray Romano

As the 12th anniversary of his only Carnegie Hall appearance approaches, in this week's Live from Carnegie Hall we laugh along with comedian Ray Romano.

Artist: Ray Romano
Album: Live at Carnegie Hall
Label: Sony
Date Recorded: June 9, 1999
Fun Fact: Ray Romano was the 11th of 15 Romanos to have played Carnegie Hall.

Since 1891, a total of 15 Romanos have performed at Carnegie Hall—the earliest was pianist Augusta Romano in December 1937 in a concert that included the premiere of Rossini's Un profond sommeil. It is probably safe to say, however, that only one Romano had the audience in Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage laughing uproariously.

Comedian Ray Romano achieved this milestone during his Carnegie Hall debut in June 1999 when he performed a routine that included his thoughts on "The Shower," "The Politically Incorrect Joke," and "Potato Chips."

By that time, Romano had already been doing stand-up for 10 years; was a regular on the Late Show with David Letterman; and the third season of his Everybody Loves Raymond sitcom—battling Seinfeld in the ratings—had concluded a couple of weeks previously. The New York comedian would go on to star in six more seasons of Raymond, three Ice Age films (with a fourth in production), and the television series Men of a Certain Age. Yet, his opening routine clearly underlines how important his Carnegie Hall appearance is to him.

The album was released in October 2001. Ray Romano donated all proceeds from this album to the September 11th Fund.

In this snippet, Romano describes the dangers of changing his twins' diapers.


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