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One Incredible Week in New York. A Lifetime of Learning.

Registrations for 2011–2012 Professional Training Workshops are officially open. Participants in these master classes and workshops collaborate with world-renowned artists and other talented peers, often topping off their experience with a performance at Carnegie Hall. Learn more with a story from the field as PTW participant Margot Rood relays her experience in the Dawn Upshaw and Donnacha Dennehy workshop. Apply for your chance at a 2011–2012 Professional Training Workshop today.

Upon receiving my acceptance notification for this workshop, I have to admit I was giddy with excitement. The chance to work with such professionals as Dawn Upshaw and Donnacha Dennehy (at the same time!) was, forgive the expression, a dream come true. I had the privilege to sing Shawn Jaeger’s song cycle, Letters Made with Gold, and as soon as I opened the score I knew an incredible week in New York was in store. I started work as soon as I could by emailing Shawn with questions and ideas. I was thrilled to receive enthusiastic and immediate responses!

Margot and Dawn

Margot Rood and Dawn Upshaw  

After months of working on the piece by myself with only an electronic representation of it to guide me, it came time to start rehearsals. I was amazed at how approachable Dawn and Donnacha were; how they encouraged a constant supportive dialogue about the piece and made every rehearsal fulfilling, productive, and fun. Not once did I feel intimidated when I had a question for Shawn or for our fearless conductor, Alan Pierson.  

To put it simply, the collaboration aspect of this workshop is what truly stood out to me, from my first email exchanges with Shawn to the performance on Zankel Hall’s stage. Everyone in the rehearsal room worked tirelessly to give life to this music—hat tip to the instrumentalists who were absolutely fantastic and a blast to work with! The workshop itself was only one week of rehearsing in New York, but in reality it was several months of learning and growing with a brand-new, very special piece of music—an experience that will stay with me forever.

—Margot Rood

Dawn Upshaw and Donnacha Dennehy Professional Training Workshop
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