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Introducing The Beatles and The Rolling Stones ... Incorrectly.

By 1964—the year that both groups made their Carnegie Hall debuts—The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were already two of the biggest acts on the planet.

Introducing the Beatles was released in the US in January 1964, just a month before their February 12 concerts at the Hall. They'd already driven American teenaged girls into a frenzy on The Ed Sullivan Show a couple of nights before. England's Newest Hit Makers—The Stones' US debut album—was released in April of the same year, two months before their June 20 Carnegie Hall debut. The band had been on an American tour—including live shows, and television and radio appearances—since June 5, which would culminate with their pair of concerts at the Hall.

However, that level of fame and exposure was not a guarantee of flawless promotion of the Carnegie Hall debuts of these two seminal bands.

Check out the band members' names in the programs for their concerts ...

Beatles 1964 Autographed Program with Incorrect Name for McCartney 

Maybe because Lennon and McCartney shared songwriting duties on most of The Beatles' songs, the program writer assumed that they also shared a first name. Sir Paul may have been making a point by signing his autograph right over "his" name!

Stones 1964 Program with Incorrect Names for Jagger and Richards 

Going one better (or worse), the program writer for The Rolling Stones concerts got two of the names wrong. Starting with dropping the "s" from Keith's surname, they went on to introduce Mick Yagger to the Carnegie Hall audiences that night.

Lady GooGoo anyone?

Our editorial standards have risen immeasurably since then!

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