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Our JAY Z VIP Winner Shares Her Experience

Earlier this month, we held a Facebook contest to award one lucky winner tickets to see JAY Z at Carnegie Hall and attend the exclusive after-party. Our winner, Caitlin Frates, who flew herself in from Palo Alto, California, shares her experience.


Last Friday went just like any other Friday ... until I opened my email. I saw an email that said "JAY Z: You're a winner." I figured it had to be one of those collect your million dollars from the Nigerian government scams. But once I saw the email address, I realized I really was a winner! I almost fell off the treadmill! I got really excited but then realized I was in California, it was Friday night, and the concert was on Tuesday. 

Next thing I knew, I was on my way to the airport ... but it still hadn't really hit me that I was going to the one and only Carnegie Hall to see the world class Jay Z! I went to bed in San Francisco and woke up in New York. As the captain said "please fasten your seat belts for landing," it finally hit me, "I'm in New-freaking-York, and I'm going to see Jay Z in less than 12 hours. Holy.....!!!"


My friend Belinda and I spent the day walking Fifth Avenue. Later that evening it was go time! As we entered Stern Auditorium, I was amazed at the beauty of the venue and that we were going to be less than 100 feet from the one and only HOVA, JAY Z. We had great seats about 10 rows back. As we took everything in we realized that Chris Rock, Mike Strahan, Ms. Gloria Carter (JAY Z's mom) and the lovely Beyoncé were in the house with us. Too cool! The anticipation was building and building until the man of the evening took the stage. What an unbelievably amazing concert. JAY Z was amazing. The evening was even more amazing when Alicia Keys and Nas joined JAY Z on stage. It was so cool to see JAY Z perform with an orchestra. I also loved that everyone was dressed up; it's not too often that you see tuxes at a rap concert. Without a doubt, it was the best concert I've ever been to. Best of all, it was for a great cause. This was for sure one for the books. This will be a story that I'm sure I'll tell my grand-kids one of these days.

After the concert, we got to go to the amazing 40/40 Club for the after party. Another amazing venue. What a great way to end an amazing night.

I am so grateful to Carnegie Hall for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thank you to NYC for hosting us. Not to be soon forgotten. 


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