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Samuel Carl Adams Introduces his twenty four strings

Ensemble ACJW—comprising new fellows of The Academy—performs its first Carnegie Hall concert of the season on October 22 when they take the stage in Weill Recital Hall for a program of Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and a new work by Samuel Carl Adams.

Here, the California-born, Brooklyn-based creator of acoustic and electro-acoustic music introduces his Carnegie Hall-commissioned twenty four strings.

twenty four strings is a one-movement composition scored for two violins, two violas, and two cellos. I began the sketching process at my home in Brooklyn, New York, during the spring of 2012 and completed the score late in the summer while in Oakland, California.

The title refers to the 24 strings that create the work’s sound, as well as the 24 major and minor keys in the Western tonal system.

The form is a fluid A-B-A propelled by a series of winding, innocuous melodies and a translucent accompaniment. Underneath this narrative exists a dialogue between my own sound world and a set of classical gestures and techniques. In the beginning of the work, these older devices appear merely as ghosts and only subtly present themselves. However, as the music develops, they gradually take precedence. During the climax, they are fully summoned and transform music into a wild and obsessive state.

It’s my pleasure to dedicate twenty four strings to the fellows of Ensemble ACJW.

October 22, Ensemble ACJW
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