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Richard Goode: Providing Insights into Beethoven

On May 1, pianist Richard Goode returns to Carnegie Hall to treat the audience to his critically acclaimed interpretations of Beethoven's monumental late piano sonatas. A native of the East Bronx, Goode—the first American pianist to record all 32 of the Beethoven piano sonatas—is especially sought after for his performances of the great German's piano works.

In a New Yorker profile of the pianist by David Blum, Goode is reported as comparing Beethoven to "a Roman architect, he made the structures profoundly right; his works are less destructible than those of other composers."

By now, superlative descriptions of this eminent American pianist have become commonplace anywhere he plays. Allan Kozinn of The New York Times wrote that, "it is virtually impossible to walk away from one of Richard Goode's recitals without the sense of having gained some new insight, subtle or otherwise, into the works he played or about pianism itself.”

Prepare for the evening of May 1 by listening to Richard Goode's acclaimed recordings of Beethoven's piano sonatas nos. 30, 31, and 32.


Richard Goode performs Beethoven's piano sonatas nos. 30, 31, and 32.

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