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KidsNotes: The Colors of Music

Carnegie Hall’s KidsNotes Art Contest encourages children ages 5–10 to create and submit music-inspired artwork for a chance to be featured on the cover of our KidsNotes programs, distributed at each of our Family Concerts at Carnegie Hall. The winners and their families are also invited to come enjoy the performance.

We recently talked with Angelica Alday, winner of the December 2012 KidsNotes Art Contest, and her mother Mila Alday.

2013 KidsNotes Full Family
Angelica Alday's winning cover artwork for KidsNotes

Angelica, what inspired the picture you drew?
AA: I was inspired to sketch Stern Auditorium with a half violin in the border because maybe someday I might have a chance to play the violin on stage. It would be heaven if that happens.

What was it like to see your artwork on the cover of the KidsNotes concert program?
AA: To see my artwork as the cover page was pretty awesome. I come from a small town in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania, and to be featured in a big city like New York is beyond my dreams. My brother Andrew performed with the Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall. To me, that was really smart and pretty neat.

What was your favorite part of coming to Carnegie Hall to see the Family Concert?
AA: The best part of the program was watching an entire orchestra with different instruments put their own style and emotion into their music. They danced and were having so much fun. I wish I could be a part of something like this in the future.

Mila, how did you find out about Carnegie Hall’s KidsNotes Art Contest?
MA: Ever since my son Andrew performed at Carnegie Hall in 2009, I had a habit of visiting the Carnegie Hall website every so often. I came across the KidsNotes Art Contest. My daughter loves to sketch and she has this artistic imagination. Once, Angel drew different instruments with a sheet music background and musical notes in different colors. She entitled it “The Colors of Music.”

Tell us how you and your family got to Carnegie Hall.
MA: To reach Carnegie Hall meant a lot of hard work, determination, and a passion to succeed. For my son, it meant going to his teacher 25 miles each way and sitting on the bench for hours. For my daughter, it meant going to the art studio and working until past 8 at night or on Saturday mornings when all her friends were fast asleep. To reach Carnegie Hall meant going beyond comfort level. It paid off in the end.

Do you plan to come back to Carnegie Hall and New York City?
MA: Coming back to New York is a big reward. It sets the standard for my kids to work hard and do their best. For now, Carnegie Hall is the highest achievement, always the goal to strive for.

2013 KidsNotes Full Family
The Alday family


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