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Thanksgiving Memories from Chef Kristian Meixner

If you've visited Carnegie Hall's Citi Café this season, you may have sampled the delicious menu from Chef Kristian Meixner and our exclusive new dining and catering partner Stephen STARR Events. Chef Kristian was kind enough to share some of his favorite Thanksgiving memories and his Grandma's recipe for mashed rutabagas. We hope you enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Little Chef Kristian"My memories of Thanksgiving are some of the best to look back on when I think of how I became a chef. Thanksgiving wasn't just about the food, although it was always great and plentiful. There was always a huge spread including turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed rutabagas (which I still can’t make like Grandma), green beans, fresh bread and rolls, and pumpkin pie and apple pie. I remember helping my Grandma stir the gravy, bake the rolls, and baste the turkey. The smells are so engraved in my memory that just writing this, I start to smell them. But the food is a small memory of Thanksgiving; the memories are more of my family and I coming together, and above all else, enjoying each other's company. It was about warmth and comfort, being around loved ones, and not worrying about work or other stresses in life. To just be thankful for the moment. Maybe that is why I love cooking so much. Maybe that is why being in the kitchen gives me a sort of comfort. This is the feeling I try to bring to Citi Café at Carnegie Hall. A good portion of the menu is meant to be shared, so that you can have that experience of being together, and sharing food with one another. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours."

-Chef Kristian Meixner 

Mashed Rutabagas Recipe Card


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