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A Poem by Evgeny Kissin

On December 16, 2015, pianist Evgeny Kissin gave a special performance of rarely heard piano works by lesser-known Jewish composers and recited Yiddish poetry. As part of his encore, Kissin recited a poem which we wrote titled “Ani maymin” (“Credo”).

Ani maymin

Shoyn Terekh hot gezogt zayn kleynem zun mit shrek:
"Far vos bist nit aza, vi ale?"
Un s'iz geven azoy in yedn kant un ek,
vuhin di dolye undzere brutale
flegt undz nit varfn. S'iz dokh undzer koved,
vos tomid zaynen mir geven getray tsu zikh
un hobm ot di khokhme oysgekovet:
"Ven ikh vel zayn vi yener, ver vet zayn vi ikh?"


After Terah* said fearfully to his young son:
“Why are you not like all the others?”
and it was so in every nook and cranny
into which our brutal fate cast us.
It’s to our honor, after all,
that we have always been faithful to ourselves,
and have forged this wise saying:
“If I am like the others, who will be like me?”

*Abraham’s father

Kissin Poetry 640px
Photo by Steve J. Sherman
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