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The Somewhere Project: #ICYMI

You don’t need to be in New York City to participate in The Somewhere Project, Carnegie Hall’s citywide exploration of West Side Story. An eight-part interactive companion course, created in partnership with online music school Soundfly, is available to users around the globe free of charge. We’ve been blown away by the thoughtful responses in the comment sections. Read on to see what you might have missed, or join the course today!

The Making of West Side Story


“I never made the connection of the show’s music ending on that refrain of “Somewhere,” with that hope that the cycle of violence will end. The moment when the Jets and Sharks process out with Tony’s body really gives me the feeling that both sides realize from all this death (which neither side intended from the beginning) that something’s got to change. But I love that what follows the ending is really open to interpretation.” —Max

West Side Story really proposes the question of will the bloodshed and violence ever truly end and if so when and where? As the son of two immigrants from South America, this issue is something I find to be very personal as I have also dealt with such racial hostility.” —Michael

Social Issues in West Side Story


“I agree whole heartedly with the quote ‘Love can’t survive in a world where there is no love.’ Love only flourishes when others love. The news and media are filling our society with hate. All we do is hate, and observe and comment on these hate crimes. It is causing people to be blinded and making people think that there is no end and no hope. West Side Story offers a chance for people to begin to see that we need a change and that people can’t live like this.” —Haylee

Innovations in the Music of West Side Story


“The juxtaposition of the playful, joyous melodies and the heavy, frighteningly real lyrics is something quite fascinating to look at. How does one tell a story about true turmoil in a meaningful way? Well I think it goes back to the previous section in discussing the social implications of art and its creation. By creating human stories we can look at human lives.” —Chris



“As an audience member you can’t help but feel towards Maria and Tony. This song really makes us hope that somewhere there will be a place where Maria and Tony can be happy together. I think this song just makes it even more crushing for everyone at the end because you really feel hopeful and it makes you want it so badly for these two characters.” —Alora

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