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February Stories Highlight

When you celebrate a 125th anniversary, you have stories to tell. Whether it's an anecdote about Andrew Carnegie or a great artist, we have 125 years of Carnegie Hall lore. But those are only our tales. Below we share a touching story from a longtime concertgoer Brian Perman.

We invite you and your friends to tell your own stories. Perhaps you have fond memories of a first visit to the Hall, an inspiring concert, or an unusual experience. We would love to hear what you have to say and to share your reminiscences. Read, watch, listen, and share!

Everyone has a Carnegie Hall story. Tell us yours.

CH Stories February image

I moved to NYC in 1990 and began glomming on to my cousin’s Carnegie Hall subscription shortly thereafter. After a few years, we started bringing our respective girlfriends, who later became our wives. We have had our seats in Box 20 ever since!

After a few years, an older gentleman, Bernie, in the box next us began acknowledging our mutual longevity in our seats and we struck up the first of many years of conversations. When our wives became pregnant in successive years, Bernie and his wife were so excited. He insisted that we bring new pictures to every concert.

The years passed and we four in our box and Bernie and his wife in theirs were as predictable as the tides. Then one year, in our first concert of the season, Bernie’s wife showed up with someone else ... and something didn’t seem right. Before the concert began, she leaned over and told us that Bernie had passed away over the summer. Her pain and loss were palpable. Bernie’s wife admitted that being there without him was too painful and that she just came to tell us and that would likely be her last concert.

In the middle of the first piece, with the music fl owing, I couldn’t stop thinking about Bernie and the years of connection that we all had. I couldn’t hold the tears back any longer. I looked over at my wife and she, too, was crying.

We still have our seats in Box 20 and, at every concert, I still look over, expecting to see Bernie, taking in the music and doodling on his playbill. Carnegie Hall gave us that indelible and unique memory and we are forever thankful for it.

—Brian Perman