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Seth Godin Professional Development Session

Building a successful career as a musician doesn’t necessarily mean more hours in the practice room. For Ensemble ACJW, it includes almost-weekly professional development sessions with leaders in many different fields who can inspire a path to success. One of the most recent professional development sessions featured a visit from best-selling author, marketing luminary, and popular blogger Seth Godin. Read below to find out what fellows Jacqueline Cordova-Arrington and Siwoo Kim took away from this inspiring chat. You can also visit Godin’s blog and listen to a full recording of his talk with ACJW.

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Jacqueline Cordova-Arrington, Flute


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Author Seth Godin’s work focuses on how to create successful careers in competitive industries. Listening to his presentation, I couldn’t help but think of a scene from The Matrix. Morpheus, an inspirational teacher and leader in the film, gives a hacker who calls himself Neo the choice to take a blue pill that would continue his disillusionment in the Matrix; or a red pill that would open his eyes to reality, challenging him to reimagine himself and his future. Godin offers a similar proposal to Ensemble ACJW musicians: Take the blue pill and pursue paths already charted by musicians both successfully and unsuccessfully, or take the red pill and venture to create something new and authentic in the competitive field of music. To put it simply, the classical music industry has more outstanding musicians than jobs. I suspect that I and my ACJW colleagues will accept Godin’s challenge and raise him one.

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Siwoo Kim, Violin


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‘How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Connections, connections, connections.’ This is how Seth Godin prefaced his insightful professional development seminar. We live in an age where the previously deemed ‘unplayable’ Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto is effortlessly played by 11-year-old children, and thousands of qualified musicians graduate every year from universities or conservatories. Mr. Godin encouraged us to realize that with perfection so easily accessible to the public in everyday life, people crave live, personal connections.

I hope this trend is here to stay. The ability to emote, communicate, and make live, personal connections is something that no technology today can provide, and I believe these are qualities that are at the heart of what we do as classical musicians. So, the time is now for the fellows of Ensemble ACJW and musicians all over the world to connect, connect, connect!

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