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New Music Predictions: Shara Nova

In a world of music where we are so often looking back into the past, Carnegie Hall’s 125th anniversary celebrations send a clear message about the importance of looking forward, particularly when it comes to programming. To mark each of the years since it first opened its doors in 1891, Carnegie Hall has commissioned 125 new works to be premiered throughout the 2015–2020 seasons.

So where do we expect this new music to go? This question was put to both established and emerging composers who have recently been commissioned by Carnegie Hall.


For more than half a century, Pierre Boulez and many others have been integrating the computer with acoustic instruments, working in surround sound, and playing with spatial relationships in performance, and I hope we will see a continuation of that leading-edge spirit. We hear a very wide musical vocabulary being smashed together, influences from all over the world coming together in new and exciting ways, as well as the view of the computer as a legitimate instrument with infinite possibility. There is also a return to songwriting, a renewed value for storytelling, of narrative, and in my opinion, this has been absent in classical music for a long time, so I’m very happy to see a trend that returns to an investigation of the human voice.

—Shara Nova (formerly Shara Worden)


This article first appeared in Carnegie Hall: 125 Years of an Iconic Music Venue’s Most Remarkable People and Memorable Events, available at

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