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Story of the Week: Clara Hunt

I grew up loving classical music and had developed a passion for Vladimir Horowitz’s recordings. It was 1966 and I was 29 years old visiting in New York City when I read that Horowitz would be preforming at Carnegie Hall on Saturday, December 10 at 3 PM. Not realizing that tickets would be at a premium, I talked my friend into walking over to Carnegie Hall at 1:15 PM to buy ours. It was unbelievable. The lines were stretched for blocks. People had actually stayed all night to be assured of entry.

As I stood on the sidewalk in front of the entrance doors (looking forlorn and sad, I am sure) the doorman beckoned to me from the doorway. I walked up to him and he asked, “Why so sad, my dear?” I responded that I had my heart and soul all set for the Horowitz performance and had no idea that it would be sold out. “Stay right here,” the kind man said. “When the doors open, you will be the first one in for the standing-room–only section.”

It was true. I was at the concert of my lifetime all because of the doorman’s kindness. He could never have imagined what he did for me. Horowitz’s music was spellbinding and I had the opportunity of celebrating Carnegie Hall’s diamond jubilee with a lifetime memory.

—Clara Hunt

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