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NYO-USA: Fidgeting with Excitement

Last weekend—after a full week of the NYO2 residency at Purchase College, SUNY—the campus became even busier with the arrival of NYO-USA. These 109 musicians, hailing from 33 states, joined the 87 NYO2 musicians on campus. Two NYO-USA musicians, Hannah Burnett and Nicholas Kim, shared what they are most looking forward to about the program.

Burnett, Hannah (Viola)

All over the country, young musicians are fidgeting with excitement as they make last minute shopping trips, shove clothes into suitcases, and frantically practice orchestra parts in preparation for seating auditions. These are just a few of many signals of the beginning of NYO-USA, the musical experience of a lifetime. While there are a plethora of reasons to be excited about one of the coolest music programs ever created, I am most looking forward to sharing my love of music with others in the best way I can think of: performing with a community that shares the same passion.

Perhaps the greatest thing about NYO-USA is the magic that happens when more than 100 multitalented people enter the same room. None of us are playing our instruments for personal gain or glory, but we are instead working towards one common goal of creating music that transcends the notes written on the page. Every member has something to say, and every member carries the weight of the emotions that the orchestra as a whole projects.

In the midst of chaos around the country and the world, an orchestra of strong-willed and optimistic individuals is embarking on a tour to spread the message of love through music. Let NYO-USA 2016 serve as a beacon of hope and excitement for all.

Hannah Burnett, viola (Waco, Texas)

Kim, Nicholas (Violin)

Amidst monotonous school days, home life, and just being a high schooler, it’s not every day that I meet new faces. But NYO-USA is where it all comes together and where it all changes. It’s immensely thrilling to imagine that, in just a short while, I’ll be sharing in laughter and camaraderie with young musicians from all walks of life. And despite the many miles and states that separate us, it’ll be nothing short of remarkable to see our common musical bonds bringing us all ever closer. Part of me is thrilled to see the performance halls and to spend memorable seconds simply beholding the vast spaces that will be around me. Part of me is thrilled to see the world-class talent of our guest artists and to admire their spectacular, breathtaking musicianship. But my truest self knows that the most memorable times will be of nothing more than the plain days and minutes alongside the best of friends.

Nicholas Kim, violin (Clarksville, Maryland)

NYO jumping (Hannah Burnett)
A group of NYO-USA musicians show their excitement as the residency begins. Hannah Burnett is on the far left.

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