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Ray Chew: Discovering New Ways to Inspire

Inspiration ...

Motivation ... Creativity ... Encouragement ... Imagination ....

These are all words that Merriam-Webster uses to define that very simple but special feeling we have all experienced at one time or another in our lives. For me, music has been my inspiration since age 5, when my hands first discovered 88 black and white keys. I often wonder what inspires others—what touches others hearts and souls. I know that as a man of music, it is my journey to consistently discover new ways to “inspire.”

This is the second time my wife and business partner, Vivian, and I have been blessed with the opportunity to present a sampling of what inspires us here at Carnegie Hall. As with our first sold-out production of A Night Of Inspiration in 2010, we knew it was important to show inspiration in all of its forms, with traditional and contemporary gospel, pop, opera, and classical music along with the art of dance. As a young child, my mother exposed me to all areas of the arts. It is those experiences that have made me into the artist I have grown to become. It is my job on Earth to take the sum total of all that was presented to me and translate it into something special and magical for others.

Tonight’s gift will be presented from my heart to yours. May you feel the lushness of the 64-piece orchestra. May you feel the strength of the 200-voice mass choir. May you feel something that you may have never felt before.

May you leave here feeling inspired …

—Ray Chew

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