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  • Carnegie Hall Presents
  • ZH Zankel Hall
  • SA/PS Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage
  • REW Resnick Education Wing
  • WRH Weill Recital Hall
Jan  1
  • Narrative and Counter-Narrative: (Re)defining the 1960s 9 AM Offsite
  • Postponed: Ensemble Connect 7:30 PM Offsite
  • Neighborhood Concert: Sinkane 5 PM Offsite
  • Shakespeare Redress: Joe Papp's Naked Hamlet 1968 6 PM Offsite
  • History with David M. Rubenstein: An Evening with Ken Burns: The Vietnam War 6:30 PM Offsite
  • Artistic Vanguard: The 1960s at The Art Students League 9 AM Offsite
  • Roomful of Teeth 7:30 PM ZH
  • Lisa Hilton & Friends 8 PM WRH
  • Uneasy Riders: '60s Hollywood 11 AM Offsite
  • Crescendo International Competition 7:30 PM WRH
  • IMPACT Young Artists Competition Silver Winners Concert 12 PM WRH
  • Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY 2 PM SA/PS
  • Martin Luther King Jr. and the Vietnam War 2 PM Offsite
  • IMPACT Young Artists Competition Gold Winners Concert 4 PM WRH
  • Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY 8 PM SA/PS
  • Harlem Postcards 12 AM Offsite
  • Countdown to Eternity: Photographs of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960s 7 AM Offsite
  • The Vietnam War: 1945–1975 11 AM Offsite
  • Crescendo International Competition 1 PM WRH
  • Performing Arts Educators 12th Annual Invitational 2 PM SA/PS
  • Reading Into History Family Book Club 2 PM Offsite
  • Artist-in-Residence Tour 2:30 PM Offsite
  • Apollo Uptown Hall: 50 Years After MLK: A Dream Deferred 3 PM Offsite
  • Julian Gargiulo, Piano
    "Getting to Carnegie Hall" Violin Competition Finals
    7:30 PM WRH
  • Power in Print 10 AM Offsite
  • Max's Kansas City 10 AM Offsite
  • YPCA Showcase 6 PM WRH
  • The Music of Sir Karl Jenkins 7 PM SA/PS
  • Guildhall Artists in New York 8 PM WRH
  • Crescendo International Competition 7:30 PM WRH
  • Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra 8 PM SA/PS
  • Open Working Rehearsal: Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra 11 AM SA/PS
  • Cecile Licad, Piano 8 PM WRH
  • Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra 8 PM SA/PS
  • You Say You Want a Revolution: Remembering the Sixties 10 AM Offsite
  • Artifacts of Change 10:30 AM Offsite
  • ’60s Verité 2 PM Offsite
  • Denis Matsuev 7 PM SA/PS
  • The Library After Hours: Counterculture 7 PM Offsite
  • Robert Mealy and Friends 7:30 PM WRH
  • Kronos Quartet 9 PM ZH
  • Passion Through Performance 1 PM WRH
  • Misha Quint, Cello 8 PM WRH
  • Jonas Kaufmann, Tenor
    Helmut Deutsch, Piano
    8 PM SA/PS
  • Crescendo International Competition 11:30 AM WRH
  • Janine Jansen, Violin
    Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Piano
    2 PM SA/PS
  • Crescendo International Competition 3:30 PM WRH
  • Crescendo International Competition 8 PM WRH
  • The Annie Moses Band 7 PM SA/PS
  • Tour Carnegie Hall Various Times
  • The Global Interconnections of 1968 9 AM Offsite
  • The Sixties Underground: Press and the Rise of Alternative Media in America 6 PM Offsite
  • The Cleveland Orchestra 8 PM SA/PS
  • Open Working Rehearsal: The Cleveland Orchestra 11 AM SA/PS
  • The Song Continues: Marilyn Horne Master Class 7:30 PM REW
  • Russian Winter Gala Concert 8 PM WRH
  • The Cleveland Orchestra 8 PM SA/PS
  • Tour Carnegie Hall Various Times
  • Sing Out! The 1960s at Carnegie Hall 11 AM Offsite
  • The Song Continues: Graham Johnson Master Class 7:30 PM REW
  • Trio Klaritas 8 PM WRH
    with David Crosby and Special Guests
    8 PM SA/PS
  • Tour Carnegie Hall Various Times
  • Grammy Salute to Classical Music
    Celebrating the Legacy of Leonard Bernstein
    2:30 PM SA/PS
  • Coming Home 7 PM Offsite
  • The Song Continues: Renée Fleming Master Class 7:30 PM REW
  • Lang Lang Young Scholars Concert 8 PM WRH
  • Paolo Angeli, Guitar and Vocals 8:30 PM ZH
  • Crescendo International Competition 11:30 AM WRH
  • Crescendo International Competition 3:30 PM WRH
  • Big Daddy Weave Live in Concert with The True North Symphony Orchestra and Mass Choir 6:30 PM SA/PS
  • Crescendo International Competition 8 PM WRH
  • Matthew Shipp Trio
    Roscoe Mitchell, Saxophone
    9 PM ZH
  • Tour Carnegie Hall Various Times
  • New York Musician's Center Student Showcase 1 PM WRH
  • American Symphony Orchestra 2 PM SA/PS
  • Marilyn Horne Song Celebration 3 PM ZH
  • Yale in New York 7:30 PM WRH
  • Hotchkiss School at Carnegie Hall 8 PM WRH
  • Stephen Hough, Piano 8 PM SA/PS
  • TeRra Han, Kayageum 8 PM WRH
  • In the Intense Now 2 PM Offsite
  • Karwendel Artists Gala Concert 7:30 PM WRH
Feb  1
  • Birkin Gainsbourg
    The Symphonic
    with Jane Birkin and Wordless Music Orchestra
    8 PM SA/PS
  • A Midwinter Poetry Jam 8 PM Offsite
  • One World Opera: A Blend Between Eastern and Western Music 8 PM WRH
  • Neighborhood Concert: Banda Magda 7:30 PM Offsite
  • An Affair of the Skin 7:30 PM Offsite
  • Sol-ETUDES: A Eurythmy Recital 8 PM WRH
  • The New York Pops 8 PM SA/PS
  • Forte International Music Competition 1 PM WRH
  • The Kid Who Helped Leak the Pentagon Papers 2 PM Offsite
  • The Black G.I. 6:45 PM Offsite
  • Orpheus Chamber Orchestra 7 PM SA/PS
  • Malek Jandali Trio 8 PM WRH
  • No Vietnamese Ever Called Me Nigger 8:30 PM Offsite
  • Ruthie Foster
    North Mississippi Allstars
    9 PM ZH

Teens Take Carnegie Hall

Since 2015, teens have found a new home in the Resnick Education Wing, located within the upper floors of Carnegie Hall. In the Weill Music Institute’s Future Music Project, young musicians create, perform, and produce their own original music in workshops, classes, and performances four days a week. Teens can participate in Studio 57, a free drop-in space that is open to anyone each Saturday where they can attend master classes, jam with their peers, or work on independent projects. Regular weekly afterschool workshops range from songwriting and digital music creation to concert production.

The 2016–2017 season marks the beginning of the Future Music Project Ensemble, a New York City–based group of teens who come together to create a youth-led, youth-run, and youth-produced musical collective that is as diverse and vibrant as the city itself. The ensemble aims to create an aspirational place for teens to develop music and ideas and share them with the world.

Meet a few of the teens and pros who have already been involved in this growing community of young musicians.

Meet the Teens

Future Music Project: Adriana

Adriana, Queens

I would describe myself as a wallflower. I’m someone who sees the world in a different kind of way, and I don’t usually speak out on it. I keep coming to this program because I like to challenge myself. I would like to learn more about everything. I enjoy music because I like the way music makes me feel, and also I feel that this program is a way for me to finally let that out, which I can’t really do anywhere else.

Future Music Project: Zeke

Zeke, Brooklyn

One thing I like about the Digital Music Production class is that it’s humbling, it’s very humbling. I thought I knew everything I needed to know about listening to music, let alone creating it. When I came here, I learned that there are different people who make different kinds of music, and I would love to just be able to open my mind to all those things, because that will probably—well, hopefully—make me a better artist.

Future Music Project: Ian

Ian, Manhattan

Part of the reason I’m here is to get better at doing what I love doing and intend to do for the rest of my life. It’s probably one of the greatest opportunities I’ve ever had. It’s evident that in this program, music is the most important thing in the world. It transcends all else. I often say it transcends the human condition, transcends language. It even sometimes transcends community. It’s almost that utopia that everyone dreams of. I’ve only experienced this when playing music with people whom I know and love, and who are all invested in the same experience. To create a wonderful environment where we can thrive and be who we are through our music is my favorite thing in the entire world.

Meet the Pros

Future Music Project: Falu Shah

Falu Shah, Studio 57 Guest Artist

In my master class, I decided to show the participants my tradition of learning Indian music. One of the most powerful moments was when I showed the teenagers how a guru adopts a student into their musical tradition. The guru ties a thread to the student’s wrist, creating a spiritual bond. The teenagers were very interested in the beauty of this bond and how the tradition is passed on orally. I left Carnegie Hall with a soft heart and a depth of emotion for all the young people. It was a fantastic experience and one that I’ll never forget.

Future Music Project: James Shipp

James Shipp, Future Music Project Faculty

There are many places in New York and elsewhere for young people to come and study jazz, classical, and even rock and hip-hop music in formal classes and ensembles. Future Music Project is the only program I’m aware of that invites young people who are into music to bring their ideas and enthusiasm for whatever kind of music they like and explore them together. Knowing that a few years down the road there will likely be songs, albums, bands, and lasting friendships and alliances that would not have otherwise been made makes me think that in a business where so many accomplishments and achievements fade as the lights go down and the audience heads out into the night, we are creating something positive that will last.

Learn more about Future Music Project.