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NYO-USA and NYO2: Beyond the Stage

This past February, 116 of the country’s brightest young musicians received an email inviting them to participate in the 2017 National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America (NYO-USA). In March, 78 young musicians were invited to participate in the second season of NYO2, a three-week, intensive summer training program that runs in conjunction with NYO-USA.

Collectively, these 194 young musicians hail from 40 states and Puerto Rico. All members are talented musicians, but their many accomplishments aren’t limited to music: The orchestras include numerous National Merit Scholarship Finalists, varsity athletes, and community volunteers, and members are considering careers in a wide range of fields that include medicine, engineering, and law. The players also have a number of unexpected accomplishments off the stage, a few of which are highlighted below.

1) Plays ice hockey on a nationally ranked AAA team that plays across the USA and Canada

David C. Stephens III, viola

David Stephens
Aidan Alcocer

2) Avid road cyclist

Aidan Alcocer, horn

3) Plays veena, a classical South Indian instrument

Shreya Narayan, flute

4) Active gymnast

Bethlehem Kelley, violin

Bethlehem Kelley
Edward Jung

5) Tennis player of nine years who is sponsored by Wilson Sporting Goods

Edward Jung, violin

6) Teaching assistant at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Alex Koller, viola

Alex Koller

7) YouTube star who plays electric violin with a loop pedal

Jose A. Abdelnoor, violin

8) Wrote a poem that was turned into a song that is now featured on Spotify

Isabella Egawa, violin

9) Avid mountain climber who has completed eight 14,000-foot mountains

Tatia Slouka, bassoon

Tatia Slouka
Redd Ingram

10) Has an ice-cream flavor named after him

Redd Coltrane Ingram, bass

Gabrielle Stanback painting

11) Visual artist

Gabrielle Stanback, violin

12) Drum major in her high school marching band

Hanae Yoshida, trombone

Hanae Yoshida

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13) Curates a foodie Instagram featuring school lunches @SwettyJonah

Willie Swett, bass

Rachel Martin

14) 10-year member of Odyssey of the Mind

Rachel Martin, bass

15) Dressmaker extraordinaire

Serena Shapard, violin

Serena Shapard
Drew Dansby

16) Nationally ranked in competitive Scrabble tournaments

Drew Dansby, cello

Learn more about the summer 2017 seasons of NYO-USA and NYO2.

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