• Celso Duarte: Celebrate a Love of Music with Your Family

    World-renowned harpist Celso Duarte has collaborated with artists such as Celso Piña, Lila Downs, Plácido Domingo, Mariza, Wynton Marsalis, and The Chieftains. This Saturday, December 11, he'll perform as part of a Carnegie Hall Family Concert, a wonderful way for parents to introduce their children to live performances of music from around the world. With tickets starting at just $9, audience members will enjoy a fun and educational afternoon at Carnegie Hall. Below, Celso shares his thoughts on his upcoming performance.

    To be part of this Family Concert will be extremely fulfilling for me. I wouldn't be where I am today as a professional musician without my encouraging family. Both of my parents are musicians—my father, originally from Paraguay, and my mother, from Mexico. They raised me in a fun, happy, and musical environment, and my brothers, sister, and I learned from them a love for music as part of our cultural heritage.

    "Sisquirí," a traditional Son Jarocho selection. Hear Celso perform this song live on stage this Saturday afternoon.

    My band and I will share with you and your family Son Jarocho, a very rhythmic and contagious style of music from Veracruz, Mexico. We'll also explore the tradition of fandango, a big community and family party that has its roots in the tradition of gathering around a tarima (a wooden platform for dancing) while playing some music, dancing, and singing—and also sharing delicious food and drinks. One of the most beautiful parts of the fandango is that everyone is encouraged to participate! Little children dance with their grandparents, and everyone shares in the joy of vibrant live music.

    I hope to see you soon and to make a fandango together.

    —Celso Duarte

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