• Karita Mattila Sings Songs of Love and Regret

    In 2004 and 2008, Karita Mattila stunned New York in the lead role in Strauss's Salome at the Met, her performance revealing a "courage, intensity, and emotional nakedness" (The New York Times) rarely seen on the opera stage.

    At Carnegie Hall this season—accompanied by pianist Martin Katz—she brings the same power and passion to songs of love and regret by Poulenc, Debussy, Marx, and Aulis Sallinen.

    Below is a smattering of the love- and sadness-laden lyrics with which Mattila will thrill audiences on December 10.

    Francis Poulenc  

    From "Voyage à Paris" 

    Pour Paris!
    Paris joli,
    Qu'un jour dût créer l'Amour.

    "Going to Paris" 

    And head for Paris!
    Beautiful Paris,
    That one day Love had to create!

    From "Sanglots" 

    Mon pauvre cœur ur, mon cœur ur brisé
    Pareil au cœur ur de tous les hommes ...


    My poor heart, my heart which is broken
    Like the hearts of all men ...

    Claude Debussy  

    From "Harmonie du soir" 

    Le violon frémit comme un cœur qu'on afflige,
    Un cœur tendre, qui hait le néant vaste et noir!

    "Evening Harmony" 

    The violin trembles like a heart in distress,
    A tender heart that hates the huge, dark void!

    From "Le jet d'eau" 

    Entretient doucement l'extase
    Où ce soir m'a plongé l'amour.

    "The Fountain" 

    Sweetly prolongs the ecstasy
    Into which love has plunged me this evening.

    Aulis Sallinen  

    From "Unesta tehty mies" 

    Hänen on kylmä, hänen on ikävä.
    Minä en voi käskeä pois miestä joka on kuollut.

    "Man Made From Sleep" 

    He is so cold, he is so full of sorrow.
    I cannot tell this dead man, "Leave me now!"

    From "On kolme unta sisäkkäin" 

    Pehmeästi, lapsi nukkuu naisen sisällä syntymätön,
    Syntymätön, näkee unta.

    "Three dreams, each within each" 

    Sleeping sweetly, softly, the baby in the woman,
    The unborn baby sees the dream.

    Joseph Marx  

    From "Selige Nacht" 

    Im Arm der Liebe schliefen wir selig ein,
    Am offnen Fenster lauschte der Sommerwind

    "Blessed Night" 

    In the arms of love we fell blissfully asleep,
    At the open window the summer wind listened

    From "Valse de Chopin" 

    Wilder Lust Accorde stören
    Der Verzweiflung eisgen Traum
    Wie ein blasser Tropfen Bluts
    Färbt die Lippen einer Kranken.

    "Chopin Waltz" 

    The chords' untamed strains disturb
    Despair's icy dream
    As a bleached drop of blood
    Stains a sufferer's lips.

    December 10, Karita Mattila | Martin Katz
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