• Your Support Can Help Change Lives Through Music

    As the holidays approach, we take a look at the ways one of our programs is making a direct impact on people in need. Below, find the story of one person whose life was deeply affected by Carnegie Hall's Musical Connections program.

    It took just one live performance to inspire a young woman in her early 20s to take charge of her healthcare. She was a mother. She was a music lover. And she had been an HIV patient for nearly her entire life. For three years, she'd been off her medication, ignoring the effects of her illness and the power she had to keep it in check. She didn't have the strength to stand up and fight for her life.

    But after that remarkable concert, which took place at the hospital where she was a patient, the woman felt compelled to ask the doctor who had known her since she was one: “So what meds do you think I should be taking?"

    At long last, she had decided to fight. When her doctor asked her why she'd changed her mind, she replied, “Those kids said things in the songs I just heard that perfectly express what I feel but have never been able to articulate clearly. I’m ready to stand up and fight. I’m ready to do this.”

    An inspirational look at the power of music in the lives of six teens born with HIV. 

    That transformative performance was the culmination of a three-month songwriting workshop run by Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute as part of its Musical Connections program, and this young mother's story is just one of countless others like it. Musical Connections brings free interactive performances, creative projects, and artist residencies to those in homeless shelters, correctional facilities, senior-service organizations, and healthcare settings. In the 2011‒2012 season, the program will reach 8,000 people through programming created in partnership with host organization staff, government agencies, and first-class musicians from diverse musical genres.

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