• Charles Ives: American Mavericks Listening Room

    On March 28—during American Mavericks at Carnegie Hall—Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony perform Charles Ives's A Concord Symphony, as orchestrated by Henry Brant.

    Ives was obsessed with the riddle of the universe, and in his great "Concord" Sonata—described by critic Alex Ross as “hyper-realistic reproductions of everyday sonic events”—he honored four soul-mates, devoting a movement each to Emerson, Hawthorne, The Alcotts, and Thoreau.

    The symphony and sonata are compared and contrasted, and additional extracts and program notes are available here.

    Ives's Concord Sonata II. Hawthorne (@ 1:19), performed by the San Francisco Symphony 

    Ives's Concord Symphony II. Hawthorne (@ 1:35), performed by the San Francisco Symphony 

    March 28, San Francisco Symphony
    American Mavericks
    Charles Ives Listening Room