• Dance in Your Heart: The Impact of Musical Connections

    To an audience who was moved by her music but unable to dance, Musical Connections artist Emeline Michel said, “Dance in your heart.” Emeline has been a part of Musical Connections since the program began in 2009 and is always eager to include her audience in every performance. As it became necessary for her to explore new ways to inspire audience engagement in the diverse settings where Musical Connections programming takes place, Emeline discovered that performances outside a concert hall changed her view on her own artistry and practice. 

    Emeline shares her experience here:


    For more videos like this one, visit the new Musical Connections Resources section of our website, packed with artist and participant interviews, how-to tips, downloadable resources, our core philosophy, handbooks, and evaluation materials. Having seen powerful examples of how music can impact people’s lives, we developed these resources to provide the principles and practical guidance that underpin high quality community-based work—programming that reflects and responds to a community's unique needs and strengths.

    Over the past three years in Carnegie Hall’s Musical Connections program, about 160 original songs have been created by 300 project participants, and more than 20,000 audience members have heard great live music performances across healthcare settings, correctional facilities, homeless shelters, and senior service organizations. We hope you'll explore the power of this program online.

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