• Mystery Photo Update: The Philadelphia Orchestra and Fantasia

    Earlier this week, we posted a Mystery Photo Challenge, inviting you to guess which larger image this section below was cut from and how it relates to Carnegie Hall.


    The answer: Fantasia, featuring The Philadelphia Orchestra led by Leopold Stokowski. The Philadelphia Orchestra is the focus of our American Orchestra blog series, and the orchestra performs the first of four performances here this season on October 23.

    The Philadelphia Orchestra, under the baton of legendary music director Leopold Stokoski, performed seven of the eight orchestral works featured in the beloved 1940 animated Disney film Fantasia. Stokowski had led the orchestra since 1912 and helped develop the orchestra's unique "Philadelphia sound." This sound was well-showcased in Fantasia, as it was the first commercial film to use stereo sound.

    Learn more about The Philadelphia Orchestra in our ongoing blog series, The American Orchestra.

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