• Dudamel and Golijov on Chapela, Rubalcala, Pérez, and Benzecry

    On December 8—as part of their residency here at Carnegie Hall—members of the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela introduce four new chamber works, all commissioned by Carnegie Hall, by composers from throughout Latin America. Joining them on this concert is Panama native Danilo Pérez, a jazz pianist and composer whose music is dedicated to exploring the links between musical styles to find what he calls “our diversity through one sound.”

    Here, Voices from Latin America artistic advisors Gustavo Dudamel and Osvaldo Golijov discuss the four living Latin American composers whose work features as part Música nueva—Enrico Chapela, Gonzalo Rubalcala, Danilo Pérez, and Esteban Benzecry.


    December 8, Música nueva
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